Complete custom by The Glock Store in San Diego.

I wanted this finish to be as black as possible(think murdered out from the car world) and I wanted the "thinner" Elite Cerakote. I found "Blackout" on the Elite website which was not a Glock Store option at the time. They researched it and said, no problem.

I have just about $2,800 in it. I know, I know, my bad.

I had the original OEM barrel TN coated and then switched to a threaded TN barrel. Original barrel is included.

Tungsten guide rod
Aero Tek Ghost Ring Sights
Double Diamond 3.5 lb Connector
Gold Extractor + LCI bearings
Checkered Mag. release
TN Safety Plunger
Aluminum base plates
TN coat Barrel/Parts
Apex Slide Cut
Blackout Elite Cerakote Slide/Frame
Snakeskin #5 Stipple
Finger Groove Removal
Glock Knuckle
Trigger Undercut
Extended Controls/Pins Kit
Pyramid Trigger
Blackout Elite Extended Controls
TN Locking Block
TN Double Diamond Threaded Barrel
Black Slide Cover Plate