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Custom AR 15

  1. Just asking you fellow BOGS, im planning to build a custom Ar 15 , want to find your opinion for which complete Lowers and complete Uppers to used, like barrels, etc.I have a Bushmaster Carbon 15 right now and im happy with it, but i want to put the accessories i like.-----Thanks YFIS-------Sweater
  2. Wow, considering that you are in the Sates, the choices and possibilities are endless...

    It all depends on what will you use it for and how mucho you wanna spend:)

    One thing I like about the AR platform is it's do it yourself friendly.
  3. I would consider looking at the piston-operated ARs. They're supposed to run cleaner than the direct-gas ARs but a little bit more expensive.

    Since you are in the US, get parts with established reputation in the market. You'll never regret investing in your AR.

    There are also good AKs out there. Good quality AKs are in the $600 range.