For sale is an excellent LNIB condition Custom Pierce Alpine titanium action. Put together and built by Pierce Precision. Had some unexpected expenses so this has to go with a heavy heart

Grouping was done with 160 grain factory Nosler accubond ammo. 20 rounds down the tube for proper barrel breaking. Rifle looks new
Build Specs:

-Titanium Long Action RH STD 308 BF
-Wyatt Box Cut
-Ti glass bead body and coated bolt
-Titanium recoil Lug
-280 ackley improved
-BDL bottom Metal kit with Hawkins floor plate and Wyatt box
-Trigger Tech special frictionless trigger set to 2lbs
-Pillar bed stock
-24” Free floated and fluted Bartlein barrel—standard sporter contour with a 5R 9 twist. (stainless steel). non threaded muzzle
-McMillan Edge Stock ($700), elite jungle paint with black web
-Pierce 20moa rail
-Talley Precision scope rings (30mm low)

This rifle is well over $4000 to build brand new plus the cost of ammo to break it in :)

Asking $3800 shipped from me (individual) to your FFL. I will cover shipping. If your FFL does not accept from individual, then add $40 to the price

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