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Current Member Numbers (Post HERE)

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Want a Member Number?

OK, so the last two 'get a member number' threads have pretty much died. The last number assigned was about two years ago.

So, I'm stepping up to help manage member numbers.

If this thread dies, because I stop responding for more than a month, I'd hope that somebody else would take up where I left off.

I've gone through the previous two threads, and have assigned numbers to everybody who asked for, but had not yet received, a member number.

In this first post, I will keep an updated list of the CURRENT member numbers. That is, every time I assign numbers, I will update this post. If I ever drop off the face of the earth, copy and paste the numbers from this post to the next 'member numbers' thread.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="500" width="300"></iframe>
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please add me and give me a number thanks Joe Carthage NC
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