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Crossbreed Supertuck Modifications

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So I''ve been wearing my CBST for a year and a half now and am very pleased. However, I can't help but think that the draw (G19 & G27) would be easier if I had opted for the "combat cut" option. Anyone here performed their own surgery to modify their CBST, and if so, how did you determine where to make the cut? Any idea if there are any templates available online that could be printed and used. I'd really hate to jack up a great holster. Thanks!
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Yup, I've done my own.

I used the unloaded gun as a template and a pencil to mark the area to cut. I left the whole slide covered, all the way to the rear site. slight curve at the bottom, right where the kydex is level, then straight out.

Draw it first and look at it, make adjustment with the pencil before you cut.

I was careful and did not cut enough the first time, test the grip and finished with a slight trim.

I used 150grit sandpaper to round out the edges of the cut on one and a dremel sanding wheel on another. Dremel is faster, but easier to make mistakes.
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