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Crimson Trace VF302-M Vertical Foregrip

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Is any one interested in a new Crimson Trace VF-302M with A.R.M.S. mount in box?
I have it listed in the classifieds.
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I take it there is no market out their for this CT vertical foregrip laser.
I listed this item on Gunbroker for 250 to see if anyone there is interested.
Why where you embarrassed?
This must be an unpopular item. It is an excellant vertical grip with a laser. I'll just keep it. It will go nice on my Draco SBR with the Krebs quad rail.
Does anybody have a Surefire M900 that they would want to trade for my Crimson Trace VF-302M?
What's your best offer.
This Crimson Trace VF-302M is a discontinued item. Wanting to get a Surefire M900A. Any takers?

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This is the problem with buying goofy stuff like this.

No one in their right mind wants to buy it if you want to sell it.

What makes it so "Goofy"?
What would be your ideal price? Keep in mind it's brand new and never used.

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What else could you call it, but goofy?

If I wanted a laser, I'd go with a traditional laser set up and a VFG that doesn't resemble and feel like a brick on my weapon. Its also attached by ARMS levers, which are at best, sub par, when compared to modern options.

How is it in any resemblance to a brick when it is the same shape of a Beretta 92( which is exactly the same laser grips for the Beretta 92 and light not heavy? And the A.R.M.S. mount is not Sub Par. That's just your opinion not your experience.:whistling:
To each to his own.:wow:
I have it posted on Ebay and there is a bid for $200. Then those funds will be used to get a Surefire M900A or another Eotech XPS2-0.
1 - 12 of 17 Posts
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