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Crimson Trace Laserguard LG-412 Ruger LC9 Polymer Pistol

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    Crimson Trace Laserguard LG-412 Ruger LC9 Polymer Pistol

    New Laserguard for Ruger LC9

    Crimson Trace® is proud to announce the introduction of its LG-412 Laserguard®, which will be available in conjunction with the release of the Ruger LC9. Incorporating all the lessons learned from the LCP and SR9c models, the Laserguard fits seamlessly to the trigger guard of Ruger's latest polymer framed carry gun and features the classic Crimson Trace instinctive activation system. Pre-zeroed from the factory, the Laserguard can be fine tuned by the individual user and will run continuously for four hours on one 1/3N battery.

    Technical Specs

    Activation: Instinctive Activation; Front
    Material: Rugged Hard Polymer
    User Adjustable: Both Windage and Elevation
    Warranty: 3 Years Complete
    Master On/Off Switch: No
    Beam Intensity: 5mw peak, 633nm, class IIIa laser. Maximum output that federal law and technology allow.
    Dot Size Approximately 0.5" diameter at 50 feet.
    Power Source Either two #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery
    Design Ultra-compact 3.3mm Diode