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crimson trace customer svc A+++++

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by feklar_01, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. feklar_01


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    Sep 18, 2005
    Bought a crimson trace for a sig some time ago...Had to send them in once before for failing to work. I went to use it the other day and it didn't work. Changed batteries, same thing. Called their customer service, explained grips were several years old and didn't work even with new batteries. They said to send it in. I asked how much to fix since the grips were well past their warranty.

    They said it was free. They would repair or replace the grips asap and send back.

    Had fixed grips w/new free batteries in no time at all.

    Great customer service, standing behind their product well after the warranty was expired.