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Ok so yesterday I got a call from my bank, it seems some loser got ahold of my credit card information and was buying ring tones and video games with it online. The bank found the fraud and shut down the card in only 1 day, so disaster averted.

They did link me up with a credit protection service, though, for which I signed up on a 1 month trial service for $1. They are going to send me a copy of my credit report, and the terms of the service, etc. It is $13 per month after the promotion.

What companies are you guys enrolled with to help protect your identity / credit information, and how much does it cost you? Would you recommend them? Have you been with other companies in the past, and if so, why did you switch?

Thanks for any input you guys can give! Especially if you're in banking or the financial sector, please let me know in your reply.

ps I couldn't find any better area of the forum to post this... :whistling:
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