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Would this be considered a Glock Collectable? Because I watch the Vickers Glocks, they have the Killer RTF 2 style frame that every one either loves or hates. To me its the best frame Glocks ever made. Made in either the G19 or G17 models. They also did a later run with the G43. All these guns have the crappy "chalk board" finish. They could have been scratched in the gun display case before even leaving the gun shop? The only Vickers gun that had a "Finish" was the last edition with a flat dark earth finish. It was a cerakoted finshed slide. It was only done in the G19 & G17 format. No G43 was made in the cerakoted release.the G43 was done after the 19 and 17s.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts