CRAZY crime spree in Tampa

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    Shooting suspect arrested

    The man charged with shooting two people and killing another is behind bars.

    After hours of searching deputies found Andre Watkins pumping fuel at a gas station in Plant City.

    Detectives say Watkins went on a violent assault in the Town N' Country area of Hillsborough County.

    Complaining of pain, Watkins slowly made his way into the Hillsborough County Jail.

    Deputies say Friday night, he was armed and dangerous and willing to hurt anyone in his path.

    It all started at the Kwick convenience store on Plantation and Linebaugh in Town N' Country.

    Investigators say, armed with a gun Watkins forced his way into a pickup truck and told the driver to head to the 10,000 block of Chadbourne Drive.

    Once they got there detectives say, Watkins got out of the truck and opened fire on 3 people inside a car.

    Two of them managed to get away, the third person 18-year-old Alyssa Aracich was killed.

    Investigators say, Watkins then got back into the pick up truck and forced the driver to take him back to the convenience store where he got into his own car.

    He then drove to his mother's house and took her vehicle.

    Detectives say, Watkins used her car to drive to a home on Brightside Drive, where he shot a man inside, 27-year-old Areil Love.

    But the shooting spree wasn't over. Detectives say, Watkins stopped at a nearby gas station and shot the clerk, 57-year-old Akbar Alwani.

    He then drove less than 5 minutes away to a home on Briar Cove Drive.

    Investigators say, Watkins walked up to a man on the property and started shooting.

    Dino Lanza saw it happen.

    "All of a sudden I see a muzzle blast. Bang! And the guy is walking from the house. I didn't know wether the muzzle blast was towards the house or towards the street. I couldn't tell," said Lanza.

    After hours of searching investigators found Watkins at the Marathon gas station on I-4 and Branch Forbes Road.

    Deputies surrounded him and arrested Watkins without further incident.

    It was the end to a violent assault that left one person dead and two people in critical condition.

    Watkins now faces 1 charge of murder in the first degree, 3 counts of attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping.
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    Not sure that this thread belongs in Cop Talk. I know it's not welcomed in that other forum.

    Also don't understand why the recent spree of killings showing up on GT have only involved guns. Don't BGs use knives and baseball bats and other weapons anymore, which everyone :whistling: knows is just as deadly as guns?

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    It just keeps getting better, don't it?
    Too bad the gunman is not himself dead.