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crappy nite

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I left break
and then I farted
or so I thought
turns out I sharted
run in the house
I gotta go
My Colon is yelling
damn these keepers
don't you know
they only work when you're gonna blow
rip off the belt
forget the smell
I key up the mic
release from hell
"10-9 traffic"
red cheeks do swell
back 10-8
and I feel great
hopefully Imodium will constipate

That about sums up my last shift...Won't eat that again.


You think this post is bad, you should have experienced the **** that inspired me.
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Dammit!!! I thought the language filter was gone? What the ****?

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say goodbye to my breakfast LOL

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That's one of the reasons I went HP-style with the duty belt through the belt loops on the pants. No keepers and much easier to drop trow.

Lovely prose, by the way.
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