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CQB Fighting in Structures

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Scott 40S&W, Mar 20, 2011.

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    CQB - FIGHTING IN STRUCTURES is a course that focuses on the tactics a single shooter, or a small team of two shooters, would use to operate inside of a building. Students attending this course will learn time-proven and results-based strategies for negotiating through any possible architectural obstacle found in a building using simple tactical logic, and to handle any high risk situation they might face from setting up a hasty ambush for home invaders, to searching/clearing operations, to direct action attacks against active shooters or home invaders. Moreover, all of the material is easy to learn and requires minimal sustainment as it draws upon existing skill sets learned in other Suarez International training courses. As well, facility allowing, students will operate in varying light levels adding the tactical use of artificial lighting to their skill sets. This course is not about leaving a mountain of spent brass on the range, it is about learning to think tactically and solve problems like an operator. Open to all private citizens.


    Some Of The Topics Covered:

    •Tactical Concepts and Analysis
    •Identification of threats and danger areas
    •Negotiating common architectural obstacles
    •Entry, establishing security and dominating
    •Operating in two man and three man cells
    •Covert communications
    •Low light operations and the use of technological assets
    •Coordinating team fire
    Because of the nature of the training, the class will be strictly limited to 12 participants.

    This course will be April 9-10 at Centerfire Precision In Woodbury Ga.
    Register Here: