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Cow drinks from woman's breast- Not cool!

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  2. Dang now I am hungry for some ice cream. What a loon. I do feel bad the calves don't get the first milk from the cow. I have had beef cattle. The cow/calf spend @3months together at least .
    That's when the cow starts pushing the calf away.
  3. I like steak and chocolate milk.
  4. And what in the hell does Obozo have to do with veghead anti-meat and dairy snowflakes? Cripes! Don’t you people see that ugly mug of his enough already without having to subject us to more?

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    I still prefer the image in my head of Happy Cow' the kind that hang out with Bernie Sanders.
  6. The first milk that is produced when a cow calves is high in colostrum. It has all kinds of goodies that the calf needs. Generally it is given to the calf of frozen for future use.
  7. Holstein's are sexy.
  8. Modern industrial farming is cruel. Not two craps are given about the animals what so ever, or even your health, just do what they have to do to maximize profits. People who brag they don't care basically brag they have no empathy. Raising animals for food is one thing, but while they are alive they should be treated well, and slaughter doesn't require suffering. Anyways, cattle farmers, like most farmers, are seeing a recession that will never end.
  9. Generally the smaller operations do a better job with their livestock, after all, it is one of their paychecks. When I had cattle I just about lived with them. They have to be fed in the winter despite the conditions. Cold blowing winds, snow, blizzard conditions, it makes no difference. Calving time, you had better be out checking the herd to make sure one isn't having problems calving.

    Some of the big operations with several hired hands not so much. It really depends on the operators.

    The cow/calf guys seem to be doing well. The guys with livestock in the feed yard are taking a hit. The packers almost always make money.