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COVID-19, something big coming on Tues, Apr 7th

  1. My agency uses Verizon to support our phone bridge as part of our regular business. We were notified by Verizon that between 12:00-3:00 central time, they are dedicating all resources to support a CDC call.

    I wonder what's up with that? A world wide COVID update call?
  2. ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!
  3. May be nothing big at all.
    My experience with Verizon would suggest that they need to dedicate all resources just to make a reliable person to person call.
  4. They're gonna go all out. Rations will be delivered to you by soldiers.......but only if you did the census......
  5. Surprised you didn't hear it from your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.
    Prediction:. Nothing will happen.
  6. Putting in place The New World Order.
  7. Yes Zombies! About damn time.

  9. Time to lock and load!!!!!
  10. I'll take a large pizza with pepperoni and sausage.
  11. Skynet will become self aware.
  12. World Health day.
  13. then look around, and say WTF!
  14. Okay, this is weird. I got a call from a friend on Thursday who told me that sometime within the next two weeks everyone would receive a notification on their cell phones and a 3-day blackout of cellphones and internet would follow while something big was happening in this nation. I summarily dismissed this and totally forgot about it after we hung up until I just read this thread. Who knows, she may be on to something. Time will tell, I guess.
  15. Pelosi announces she is in charge.
  16. Q
  17. Tagged for further info.

    Nothing would surprise me at this point...
  18. The Blue Helmets are coming!
  19. My prediction: Nothing of importance whatsoever.
  20. Nice aiming point.
  21. Im with u on that. Just got another 1000 45 acp. LOL
  22. Again...???
  23. Ham Radio, when all else fails.
  24. So it's happening?
  25. [​IMG]
  26. Will they be slow like on the walking dead or do they run like on a couple of the movies? Just asking to see if it's like Olympic diving where I can add points for degree of difficulty.
  27. The CDC is going to tell everyone that the world will go on.

    You just may not be a part of it.
  28. National blackout of cellphones and internet? Last week there were numerous posts about someone's cousins neighbors coworker who was in the National Guard saying Trump was going to declare martial law. This seems to be the latest version of that bogus rumor.
  29. More unsubstantiated BS probably.
  30. I’m glad it’s my day off
  31. Wait... will Netflix still work? I haven’t finished Tiger King yet
  32. Just watch any news station. They’ll update you all day every day. I suggest doing it while under your covers, and peeking out intermittently. And yes, that counts as a mask [emoji40].

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  33. I’m getting 1000 rounds delivered today n the 6th. Just in time.
  34. How about split the difference a slow lumbering jog over short distances. BUT also a very low but semi intelligent mental level lets say about on the AOC mental level....
  35. schiff and nadler announce that they're a couple. :dancingbanana:
  36. I follow Q, but I will believe it when I see it.
  37. Bump for potential happening.[​IMG]

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  38. I like my odds.
  39. Nope, not BS.
    It's been substantiated on the internet!
  40. two comments:

    1) ive been wondering, with the masses of people at home, layed off, working from home, schools out, etc... and the resulting drain on the internet, is it possible all the extra strain could make things crash? Probably not, but The internet has never been under more strain.

    2) Martial law- in all seriousness, how can the rest of the primaries and conventions take place? What if we can’t have an election this fall?

    Assuming things finally improve, it will probably all come to pass on schedule. But right now it doesn’t look especially good. And the country has been shut down, individual freedoms dwindling, and all with barely a whimper from the people. All I know is ANYTHING is possible!
  41. At least that way they wouldn't be dangerous
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  43. If they shut off the internet, they are going to WISH they had zombies.
  44. KE0JJG

  45. I asked Alexa about it. She refused to answer. She just started singing some song called “Daisy”...
  46. pmag-cover-off.gif
  47. Old enough to remember those Civil Defense symbols on TV screens and that shrill noise. Goes well with the radio alerts. ....Or HypnoToad, making US the zombies.
  48. The way things are going we are digging ourselves into a hole I don’t see how we can get out of. Look at the robberies happening in New York businesses currently. Hopefully things turn around, this is history we are witnessing. Nothing like this has ever happened, so anything is possible. Not saying one way or the other, just saying....is all I’m saying.
  49. Actually at that time Tuesday , I’m giving blood , I hope they don’t insert a chip in the process.