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Covid 10-33

  1. When are cops nationwide going to stand together and start banging out, respond / document only calls, decline to make arrests unless the crime is egregious, refuse OT, and prove your need to society?

    I don't care if you're national FOP, IUPA, or NAPO; statewide CLEAT, APA, PBA; or even local association, guild, or organization; it's time. A significant portion of the public is going to throw you under the bus of American vengeance-based Socialism and they will strip you of your legal protections, your due process rights, and your pensions.
  2. Blueiron, there are some of us, who are smart enough, to know the value of a good PD. But I do have to agree, there are plenty of stupid people who need a very rude awakening.
  3. One of my friends was an MP. He said when they got a call for Marines fighting they would drive around the block several times until it calmed down.

    I think that's what the mayor's ultimately want. Come in after the crime has been committed and everyone has scattered, sweep up the mess, log it into the computer and call it a day.
  4. I would LOVE to see proactive arrests begin to cease ONLY to see the system cry for more people to defend, to prosecute, to house in jails/prisons, to supervise on probation, etc, etc, etc.
  5. Personally, I think any city that wants to defund it's police department should do a trial run of 6 months with the whole police department placed on leave with 100% pay, and see just how much improved things are, crime wise, at the end of those 6 months. I have a gut feeling they will be begging the police to come back well before those 6 months are over. The idea behind keeping the police on the payroll will insure that they will be available when begged to come back.
  6. They could do it for a week and people would be screaming for them to come back.
  7. We backed off tremendously for six weeks when COVID kicked in. Rotating squads off, taking reports over the phone, only responding to violent, in-progress calls.

    Immediately the effects were seen. Property crime went through the roof, felony thefts at all of the retailers were a daily occurrence, and crashes went up almost 50% over the three years prior in the same time period.

    Good luck! Stay frosty!
  8. Oh God it would be like throwing capons to hungry Nile crocodiles.
  9. It would be one hell of a reckoning.