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Costco snack food

  1. Picked up a 3 pack of Carr's Ginger Lemon creams at Coscto. Really good!!
    Also picked up:
    Tassos Double stuffed jalapeno/garlice olives.
    Slightly on the warm side.
    Best if you have something to go with them.
    Atichoke hearts in marinated oil
    Very good. Not the typical vinegar marinate taste
  2. I'll have to look for those Carr's and olives next time I go.
    I've been munching on their trailmix. Pretty good.
  3. The free samples:supergrin:
  4. I bought at Costco a tub of the mini-fresh mozzarella balls marinated in olive oil, fresh basil, and sundried tomatoes.

    DAYUM, they were awesome!
  5. Was it a bath tub sized tub?
  6. It should've been! :supergrin: