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    This lovely young girl is sitting in a train carriage on her own when a
    crusty old bastard comes in, eating a tray of king prawns. He sits
    opposite her, shelling his prawns and flicking the shells on the floor.
    Occasionally he tosses on onto the lady's lap with a sneer.

    When he's finished the meal he casually screws up the polystyrene tray
    he's been eating from and throws it at the girl's face. The young lady calmly
    stands up, picks the shells off the floor, puts them back
    in the tray and throws the whole mess out the window. Then she walks
    over to the emergency stop button and thumps it hard.

    "You dumb witch," the dirty old man burps. "That's gonna cost you $100!"

    "Yeah," she replied, "but when the police smell your fingers it's gonna cost you 10 years."