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Visited Evans Shooting World (Orange, CA-SoCa) indoor range today when it opened at 10 am. To my left was an enthusiast using a Mark 1 .22 auto. After watching him for several minutes, I struck up a conversation learning he was a corporate attorney and a former Colonel, Marine Corp(always a Marine) Vietnam Vet.

As an NRA Instructor, I thought to myself, this guy is a Marine Corp Vietman Officer so how do I give him some "pointers" without embarrasing him? Colonel, did you have lots of small arms training while you were in the Corp? He looked at me telling me he carried a Colt .45 auto and only had used it during several encounters in Vietnam but didn't practice with it much since he had his CAR .223.

I asked him if he was familar with Kahr products while noticing his glove size was probably an 8 as is mine. He said no and I asked would he like to try my PM9 plus my non-CA (no LCI-nor mag disconnect) P380. Since the Kahr Factory recently replaced my P380 frame, I thought better to introduce my PM9 (22,000+rounds downrange-purchased new June 05) to this Marine Corp Colonel since my PM9 is 100% reliable. Oh, before I forget, my PM9 has XS Sights (Big Dot). After he got used to the PM9s double action and using the XSSights properly, he was "nailing" the target but groups were non-existent!
Hmm are you looking at the target? Yes in a comanding voice! After a "bit" more instruction about Front Sight focus, he now was really "nailing" the target. Fifty rounds later he was "sold" on Kahr.

OK-next up for him to try was my replaced frame P380. Prior to our "meeting", I had several mags downrange w/o a hitch. In fact, the slide remained open 100% after the last round thus I was pretty "confident" my P380 wouldn't let me down. A bit more instruction how to insert mag, rack the slide and we were go to go. We used the slide release "button" to chamber initial mag rounds as per Kahr factory manual.

Fifty rounds later, no FTF and he was again "nailing" the target with passable groups! He fell in love with the P380 and said, while he was in Scottsdale, AZ (he owns property)a week ago, he purchased a Ruger LCP for his adult daughter. He looked at the P380 again and said he will be in AZ again this month and is going to purchase for her a P380 and sell the Ruger LCP.

He liked the XS Sights on my PM9 so much, he is going to purchase a PM9 with XS Sights and have XSSights installed on his daughter's P380. He is seeking a non-CA P380 in California via a Private Party Transfer because our CA DOJ has only "blessed" the CA Kahr LCI P380. Since the LCI "destroys" XS Sights alignment, XS Sights aren't available at the present time for the CA P
380s. Sights would have to be too tall thus "normal" P380 holsters would not be suitable.

Tough Guy Levi
Orange, CA
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