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Corporal Punishment

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Reading all the posts here, it seems that we all think relativly the same way.

I have 5 kids, ranging from 11-2, the 2 oldest (boys) are your typical 10-11 year olds, getting into trouble. I have found that the best punishment is good ol push ups. Forget spanking, grounding, yelling. It all goes in one ear and out the other. But when it comes to 'I.T.' It really hits home. They both think a little more before they do something.

The downfall is that now my 10 year old can do more pushups than I can. He is up to 50 now (3 count). Last time I told him to push, I heard a faint "yeah" coming from his lips. The lil crapper! I have have mixed it up now, and have moved to leglifts, push ups, and monkey f'ers. It seems to be working out for all of us, they get stronger while learning what not to do.

Does any one else do this??
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I use the "chair" as well as the front leaning rest. My youngest son is 4 now and still can't quite get the whole push up thing going, so the front leaning rest works for him, but if he doesn't want to do that I put him in the chair. The chair is good for his legs. My oldest son does pushups, he's 8. My daughter is 5 and can't get the push up thing either, so it's the front leaning rest and chair for her as well.
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