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Starforce is lossing

Protection strategies

StarForce is believed to operate by measuring the physical angle between the first and last written sector on the CD. This is identical on all copies pressed from the gold master but is at present difficult to reproduce when burning a duplicate CD.

StarForce also tries to detect if protected software is run using any optical drive emulation programs, such as DAEMON Tools or Alcohol 120%. If it so, StarForce refuses to run the protected program. However, StarForce does not blacklist any optical drive emulation program. The newer version of DAEMON Tools (4.0) has already detected by the latest versions of StarForce.

Another measure StarForce takes to defeat optical drive emulators is blocking the use of SCSI optical drives when IDE optical drives are present in the system. This is done because most, if not all, optical drive emulators currently work by simulating SCSI drives. (The next version of DAEMON Tools is expected to include an IDE drive emulator [2].)

SCSI drives function normally without interference from StarForce if no IDE optical drives are present. This is a weak point of StarForce, because you can unplug the IDE optical drives and then run the protected program from a mounted CD or DVD image.

Many consider StarForce to be very difficult to reverse engineer; games protected by it can be cloned but sometimes are not cracked. The cracking group "Reloaded" released a set of tools to the public which allowed easy reverse engineering of the StarForce protection complete with full documentation on the inner workings of StarForce, which can only be used with StarForce versions 3.06 and below. According to StarForce developers, they monitor newly released StarForce cracks, and regularly release updates to fix recently discovered flaws. [3].

StarForce family of products...
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