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    Mar 1, 2003
    These were taken at various AMRA (Arizona Motorcycle Riders Assoc) events, which I participate in...

    Here's some videos of the October race:

    I'm in the first video. I'm in the second wave that leaves the starting gate (getting whoooped by a KTM rider that forgot it's a 2-hour race. I passed him shortly after). Also look for me when it switches to the downhill section (a better shot). I'm in second place here (the second rider by) and I make a goofy wave to my buddy John who is filming this. I'm #67, red bike and gear. I finished this race 9th out of 65 in the C class, 3rd in the open C class. I ride a 2001 CR500R.

    The other videos are cool too. We fight A LOT of tight trail and big rocks. When you see guys getting squirrely or wrecking, remember that they might be 2.5 hours into a 3-hour race.

    Here's one of the first shots of me that's surfaced from today's race (#67 again):

    Here's one of another guy on a cool man-made obstacle. This was a pain in the butt as the race wore on, a pile of rocks the size of basketballs:

    I'll post more pics as they surface. I finished today's race in 8th of ~50 riders in the C class, 2nd Open C.

    This makes 3 consecutive top 3 finishes, so next year I'm getting moved to the B Class.

    If you're curious, surf here: