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Conyers Debriefing

  1. Started on behalf of Coach Danny, who is in Conyers himself at the moment. :)
  2. The new shooter I brought to Conyers did well, got all the plates with 24 rounds! The only snag we hit was some nice RO thought it would be a good idea to have all the sheets in alphbetical order!!!!
    Other than that a pretty smooth ride!
    Congrats to Fireglock for shooting a PR and that's probably the last he'll see the Am . Civ. div.! Did not have time to visit with all the team members , but I catch ya next time! Lexington!
  3. OK I'll bite, what is a PR;d
  4. WOW, can't believe I'm the first one to report in.

    Ron and I had a very nice drive down to Conyers, and a wonderful time and meal at The Longhorn Friday night. We were the very first shooters at the range at 7:45am. After meeting many new folks we decided, at 9:00am, that we had bettr turn in our score sheets and start shooting. Weather was great, RO's were great. We took our time, met a few more new friends, and before we knew it, we were through shooting the match at 10:45am. Well, it was too early for lunch at Pippen's, so we visited some more with Chad, Jackie, Bobby Carver, Rodney and Shelly.

    Ron shot his best match ever, a 92.xx, and I regained some of the form I lost at Statesville, trimming 100 points off my Statesville score for a 162.xx. After a great lunch at Pippin's with Rod, Shelly, Bob, Pat, Ron and Ron's sister Rhonda, we left at 12:45 for the 462 mile drive home, arriving back at my office at 8:00pm.

    Now I want to turn around and drive back to Conyers and shoot the plates again. They felt really good this morning.

    A special thanks to Vicki for making the great dinner arrangements, the Glock and GSSF staff for their great work, and to the RO's for making the match so pleasant for us shooters. It was the best Conyers match ever.
    :) :) :)

    P.S. The price for new orange NFML G20 and FML G23 mags was $40.00 each. The neat new GSSF white T-shirts, with the 3 stages pictured on the back, was $10.00. The new Glock tupperware case was priced at $10.00. The experience and fellowship, PRICELESS!

    Team Sidearmor #1 (Stockmeister): Johnson, Leeber and Worsham.
    Team Sidearmor #2 (Am/Civ): Nosse, Worsham and Young.
    Team Sidearmor #3 (Am/Civ): DeLuce, Dyer and Ryan

    Thank you Patricia & Jeff Costa/Sidearmor Holsters for making the matches so much fun for the members of Team Sidearmor. Only 6 more matches left, 5 for Team Sidearmor. I hate to see this season end.
  5. Is a PR anything like a shooting a Whistle Pig?;Q
  6. PR= personal record!!! he hit the 60's
  7. Congrat's Fireglock. Rubbing your head last night brought you good luck. Or was it the fine dinner? Or was it the fine aiming fluid? I suspect it was the dedicated practice with a purpose.
  8. danny - sorry i missed you yet again

    but i couldnt leave columbia sc for conyers until 9:30 am (i had to drop of the 6 and 4 yr old at soccer)

    got to conyers about 12:30

    shot my best ever..... 140 - 150 seconds total (very few penalty seconds)

    is conyers going to be A B C D E and F again this year?.... seems like turnout was a little light (threat of bad weather and all)

    if it is split up 6 ways i think im in the middle of B

    if a 3 way split i think im at the bottom of A

    either way im out of the top ten of either class i think

    i had a late lunch with firegloak and ms fireglock and the rest at pippens about 3:00..... had a great time

    got bobby carver to show me his awesome mount

    he also showed me how not to pull em low and left (i was aiming high and right to get em in the center - i know - its bad form, but i have big hands)

    did i say i shot my best ever?

    next match im going to try to get only A's and B's

  9. The weather was great, as were the RO's. Everything was moving very quickly. I think I shot fairly decent in one class, and crashed and burned in two others. Those D's just would not go away.

    Got to see most of the Sidearmor/Florida bunch again. I think we will have to address a certain Floridian as "Master" after this match. Fireglock was smokin' today. The "Aiming Fluid" should be flowing tonight. Anyone seen Nozzledick?

    Glad to see Vicki there, as she was missed at Statesville. The GSSF crew put on their usual fine performance. Now on to Anderson.
  10. Danny....glad to see you back in form...looks like we have alot in common relative to our scores this year. FireGlock(Jerry) word has it you did it (60's or bust and your 3rd Am.Civ. win) ...way to go,I hope someone got pic.s,Team Sidearmor...congrats on another fine set of Wins.;f
  11. Wish WE could have made itm, sounds like Jerry had a Great day again (Way to go MASTER Jerry) I'm not worthy I'm not worthy :) good job, see everyone in Kt.
  12. Great match...shot marginally better though I DO need to chamber-check my ammo. I had a couple rejects during the match. I am still waiting to hear the story about the "mother of all loads" that literally blew a plate off the plate machine ;P My wife (with broken arm and purple cast) was getting just a touch anxious for me to finish the match to allow her some relief (car seat and pillow for the cast)...but I enjoyed it never-the-less ;f
    The RO's and volunteers were GREAT! Seemed more personable than usual... One of the armorer's fixed two of my mag's that would not feed the last rounds - turned out the springs were shot! Definitely one of the great benefits of the match. And those Carver mounts! Beautiful!!

    edited to say that I did pick up 3 more mags for my G23...wish I coulda gotten more... They are a great deal at 40 dollars each!
  13. GLOCK ANNUAL SHOOT IX was the match of the year!! We had a very enjoyable Friday night dinner, Thanks to our "First Lady of Glock" Miss Vicki!!! The weather was a perfect for shooting. We got a laterer start than normal staying back to help out a new shooter. We waited 3 hours at 5 to Glock even though we where their when the RO's opened the pit!!!!! The rest of the match went very quickly.
    I did not do as well as I could have. I did have a 17.96 on Glock M with my unlimited gun and that was with a jam and 1 "C" hit!!!!
    Nothing more to brag about on the rest of the match. I would like to personally thank Chad Mathis and his crew for their help with my U/L G17L and helping all the other GSSFer's with their guns and mags
    The Saturday night dinner turned out to be "Dinner Show" with Chris Edwards, Scott Gilbertson, Jackie and a few others getting up and singing Karaoke to the crowd SEVERAL TIMES!!!!!! This was my first "Saturday Night" at Conyers and it turned out to be a GREAT, FUNNY and ENJOYABLE! To ALL the GSSF staff THANKS for a wonderful weekend!!!
    I got to meet Rusty Phillps, I hope to see you again soon along with all the other GSSFer's/ GTer's!!
    I see everyone at Shreveport!
  14. WELL; Been there done that. For the second match in a row I let the "Team Down" . Won't even bother to post my scores here.

    A Big Congrats to Jerry (Fireglock) you really shot an awsume match. Looks like the big league for you.

    Thanks to Vicki for setting up a Fabulous Friday Night get together.

    Maybe; I can post some respectable scores at Schreveport.

    Glenn; Maybe I can get to taste a Cannoli next year. Great seeing you again. Hope the "OLD" comments don't bother you, after all I think I am the old geezer in the crowd.
  15. Jerry, you've been practicing, good on you my man and a big congratulations on the unofficial win in Am Civ and your new unofficial 'Master' status. I watched you at Statesville and wish I could have done the same at Conyers. Really sorry I missed the rest of the 'Florida Bunch' shoot at Statesville as well...I will catch ya'll at Lexington. :) :) :)

  16. Dang!! That was fun, despite a rather long road trip, getting to Conyers at midnight Friday, and not getting much sleep having to show up at 8 a.m. to help RO. Thylacine, GLOCKhp2 (my son), and I RO'd at the M in Bay 9 -- we were part of the "Maytag Men" since not many folks wanted to trek into the woods to get back there. We did have Noah and the Pistol People show up en masse to shoot. Some pretty impressive shooters in that group. DTOM was the only Sidearmor member to venture that far back. And we were happy to see all of the other competitors show up, too.

    Would like to have seen Fireglock on his way to 66 ;W and (presumed) Master, but it was not to be. Excellent job, Jerry: it must be the haircut!!;) Heck, I'd just like to have my 5TG score in the 60's! On the drive back to Charlotte Saturday evening, Thylacine kept muttering something about somebody shooting an 86 even with leaving a plate ;G -- wonder who that was??? I think 21Shooter may also be well on his way to Master. I won't be causing any trouble in his county! We also got to meet Bobby Carver and check out all of his goodies. I've got to get one of those mounts someday and try 'racing.'

    I shot only AmCiv and bettered my Statesville performance by 4 sec with a 185.xx, but had hoped to get closer to the 169 I shot in Richmond. I did manage to get one sub-4 sec plate run ;S, but nothing else to write home about. Yes, Thylacine whipped me again ;1 , but I'll not mention that I SMOKED him on the plates ;i. Oops, I said I wasn't going to mention that, didn't I? ;N

    Team US of A didn't show up in full force, so GLOCKhp2 had to fill in. I'm confident that we'll bring up the rear of the team entries, but we had an awesome time anyway and I appreciate him hanging in there to help out. ROing and shooting the match can make for a long day for adults, so I know it's rough on a 10 year old, especially since we were the last shooters to finish up.

    Thanks to Glock and GSSF, as well as the other ROs and all of the competitors for another fantastic match. See y'all in Anderson. ;Y Let's see, that's 7 more weeks -- man, that's a long time.....
  17. I had a great time this weekend!!! It was good to see Vicki, Jackie, and the rest of the regulars. Wish I could have shot better, but then again, don't I always wish that? No aliens ;b this weekend, but the cannolis showed up. They were excellent!!! Thanks, GleNN!!! I would also like to thank all those that provided entertainment Saturday night, a lot of fun!!! There may be some pictures to post, but I have to check my disks.

    Here I go again!!!
  18. Once again the Land Barge left the confines of Pinellas and made the trip to the Holy Grail of GSSFdom, Conyers, for the 9th GSSF Annual shoot. Emily, glockNstein and I pulled out at 9:10 AM for a nice uneventful 7 hr ride to Conyers. After a nice evening at Longhorns with a nice steak and no aiming fluid I might add, we retired for our evening respite. Saturday morning dawned and life is good, the range was unbelievably dry with just a very few muddy spots and livable temperature. The clouds came and went but the rain stayed away. It was ultimately not a bad day for a red dot, but not the best for iron sights. I spent some time with my friend Mr. Carver and his lovely stock of sights and the amazing Carver mount. Did I mention how much I like Bobby’s new mount? The Jersey gang and I toured the range and made our selections for pits to shoot at and I’m afraid I made a bad call that cost all of us a bit of a distraction. I did OK on the plate selection and the M but I really got it wrong on the 5 to G selection. The right side of the 5 was flat and straight. Unfortunately when we got there the sun was still low enough that the targets were still half in the shade. So I made the call to go to the left side of the pits where each target had it’s own level, and definition of vertical but they were in the sun. With 51 year-old eyes things don’t go well when the targets aren’t vertical! So once we started shooting it clouded over and the right side was the place to be, unfortunately we were committed by then. I think Gene thought I should have been committed! Things started off a little slow but settled down OK, it didn’t look good for anything better than a mid 70 AmCiv but life is full of surprises. It must have been that clean “M” that made it happen!

    AmCiv 65.59
    Competition 76.25
    Stockmeister 86.86 Where did that plate come from?
    Unlimited 59.77

    We had some great ROs, even Darryl, so things went really well in that respect. I also have to mention that GLOCKhp made the grade and now sports a real man’s haircut! ;) South River is a very nice range with room to handle a bunch of people, if memory serves me correct, approximately 380 entries on Saturday.

    My buddies GJM89, Groundhog and Gene kept me inline with their direction from the rear. Lesson number two with electronic hearing protection, if the peanut gallery is talking loud enough, that includes you too Chris, you can still hear them with the switches off! As a side note: Pharaoh was shooting such potent loads he blew one of the plates off the rack!

    We had a great time with our friends, even dtom briefly, who was in stealth mode again. 21 Shooter slipped in so quietly I almost missed him, this group can be sneaky some times! Until next match.

    Edit: Oh yeah. We finally had lunch at Pippins. The Jersey gang, Vicki, Emily (my wife), Rusty Phillips and I had a nice sit down. You know that Rusty fellow is very nice gentleman!
  19. Another great time in conyers. I had more fun than any other match this season. The weather was perfect and got to talk to alot of friends. I had my best conyers match in 4 years. We even got to see Chris and Scott sing. We picked up 3 carver mounts and cant wait to try them for the first time. Sorry we missed friday dinner with the gang but we had to wait for paul and Rich who were driving up from the waterlogged police nationals. Next year we need to bring more Pistol People so we can have a third team.
    Thanks to the RO's and the Glock staff for another great match.
  20. And a huge thanks to our Coach! We certainly couldn't do it without you. :) Heck, how could we go wrong with the great bunch of folks we have as team members. My fondest wish is to be able to meet you all someday. I'm so glad a good time was had by all.
  21. Way to go Jerry.You are giving me a run for my money ,arnt you. Me and the gang from gunsmoke had a real nice day sunday. We all shot pretty well. I shot my best U/L score. 55.72
    Are you tring to get down to only caring 2 guns Jerry? You keep that up and you will make it.
    Congradulations to all the guys of team Sidearmor.
  22. It was great to see everyone again, and Mr GL and myself had a great time. We had a big delay to shooting 5TG (I try to shoot it first) and the light was down to gray skies by the time I started. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :cool: My AmCiv score was almost double of my PR from Topton, to my dismay.

    Saturday night was a treat, one more beer and I'd have joined karioke. The audience was spared. :)

    I went back Sunday morning to shoot UL and SC, and it must've been the aiming fluid of the Bud Light variety, 'cause I got a 101 with the G26 in Sub class... my standard score with it. Shot Frank with practically the same score - 104... Oh well, look for me in B class. :)

    At any rate, it's a good thing we make the trip for more than scores and winning. It's the people, old friends and new faces, that make it worth it.

    Two Carver mounts followed us home, the better half wanted one for his CMore. Maybe he'll join Frank and me in UL.

    Congrats to everyone, esp Jerry. It's a good thing he drives a land yacht 'cause his head wouldn't have fit into a subcompact car like my Hondie!!! :) :)

    Later, y'all.

    <img src="https://glocktalk.com/avatar.php?userid=220&dateline=1000172035">
    "I still miss my ex-husband, but my aim is improving"
  23. Wow, sounds like I missed a great match, and I great time. I really wish I could have been there. Guess I'll have to bust my butt, and make it to Anderson so I can meet Master FireGlock. (all part of my Evil Plan.)

    Congradulations Jerry, Those are some scores to be proud of.

    Michael McGinnes

    <a href="http://www.geocities.com/guntotingliberals">Gun Toting Liberals<a>
    NRA GSSF USPSA <a href="http://www.sidearmor.net">Team SideArmor<a>
    Orange Magazine Police
  24. I just realized that Danny is going to have to update the Hall of Fame. And, Jerry is going to have to buy Dan a beer for knocking him off the list.
  25. Now now mcginnes, don't go giving him any ideas! :)
  26. DannyR, Jerry,

    It was a pleasure to RO you guys on the M. Sorry to Jerry for almost calling a B a C, hey I was just writing them down.

    Larry May
  27. I wish you'd have spoken up, I like to meet fellow GTers! You have my respect, ROs work hard, especially at Conyers! :)
  28. Jerry,

    I mentioned it to Danny, but I did not know your Glock Talk name was Fireglock.

    Last weekend was the start of grueling month. The Glock Match, followed by two weekends of setup for the GA IPSC Section Match, then the Match on the 19th & 20th. A good portion of the RO's from the Glock Match will also be envolved in the GA IPSC Match. I am coming to realize that the match is only a small part of the preparations for a large match. In order for our sport to stay strong we need participation in all phases so that the burden is borne not by small group.

  29. The trip to Conyers was another "exciting" and fun trip. I had the pleasure to meet many friends again and to make new friends. I spent the entire day Saturday, discussing "THE MOUNT" and sharing shooting tips among other shooters.

    I must say that The CARVER Mount and I shot one of my best U/L scores, 43.82, with a 9.30 plate time. I was pleased with the CustomGlock Racing Model 34 with its 17L barrel below a CARVER Aimpoint mount and an Aimpoint with its 7MOA dot. In fact, here's a picture of what I used in U/L.

    As for Stockmeister, I was not pleased with my performance but thankful to have the opportunity to compete with my fellow Glocksters. Everyone that missed the match, missed one of the year's most memorable events. As you can see from the many picture of Saturday and Friday nights, the entertainment did not end at the range.

    See ya, at a match real soon!!
    Bobby Carver
    B&B Enterprise
    "Home of the CARVER Mount"
  30. I shot Sun morning aroung 9:00am.

    How does everyone seem to know how they did at Conyers? Does everyone keep track of their times, hits and add them together or what? This was my first GSSF match.

  31. A lot of us keep our scores. GSSF even has sheets available at sign in so you can keep your scores. It saves a little wear and tear on your nerves. ;f I use a sheet that Scottbert posted sometime last year that I use.
  32. Congrats Fireglock!! ;W Glad to see you're gonna give some others a chance for an Am/Civ A gun. Here's to the 86.xx and leaving a plate ;V.

    It was great meeting more new people there and seeing some folks from Statesville.

    Glockhp was a mundane in reporting about the family rivalry. I smoked him again overall. He did get one really good plate run in, but his younger, smarter brother whooped him again.

    Thanks to all of you who made ROing enjoyable again. We (most of Team US of A) hope to do it again in Anderson and see you all there again.

    As for the post about keeping your scores, yes, I was fortunate that Glockhp recommended it for Statesville. It's just nice to be able to track your own scores immediately. It's also nice if you shoot with a buddy and can rag him on the trip home.

    Congrats again, Jerry. We'll see ya'll at Anderson.