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My desktop has Corel Office, and I really like the program. The trouble is, when I get a document that is in Microsoft Word, I can't read it. If it's from a disk, it'll open and look like a bunch of little squares, circles, symbols, etc. If it's from an email attachment, I can't open it. I've got to be missing something easy, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure it out. Any hints?---Thanks.

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Corel WordPerfect is the standard of most law firms.Once when Microsoft's lawers tried to present legal briefs in MS Word,the court ordered that they be redone in WordPerfect as the court's offices didn't have MS Word.*&p_li=

In general, you'll find that basic documents, such as letters and memos without macros, graphics, or detailed tables, are successfully converted with minimal inconsistencies. More complex documents, however, may not be correctly converted from Microsoft Word. For more information about how WordPerfect converts Microsoft Word documents, see "Moving between Microsoft Word and WordPerfect." in the help files. The section provides you with detailed notes about how WordPerfect opens Microsoft Word documents.

To view this reference:

1. Open WordPerfect.
2. Click help.
3. Click help topics.
4. Click the Contents tab.
5. Double click "WordPerfect Compatability with Microsoft Word".
6. Double click "Reference: Moving between Microsoft Word and WordPerfect"

All articles under this category cover the various conversions that are done as well as what is not directly compatible with WordPerfect from Microsoft Word.

In addition, improvements were made in WordPerfect 12 to converting the following features:

* footnotes and endnotes
* image and text boxes
* box position and text wrapping around boxes
* tables

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Originally posted by IndyGunFreak
Download and install Open office...

Beat me to it, IGF!!

Good call. I install it in every office environment instead of WP. I've saved my clients tens of thousands with this excellent suite of apps, and I use it myself.
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