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Converting a 1911 9mm to .38 Super

  1. Hey guys what changes do I need to do for converting a 1911 9mm, say a Midsize RIA 9mm to .38 Super?

    As for the barrel, where can I buy a 4 inch .38 Super bull barrel? Anybody selling out there?

  2. palagay ko pa rechamber mo lang yung barrel mo ok na
  3. Yap that's what a fellow BOG told me. If I can't find a .38 Super barrel maybe I'll have it rechambered. Sino kayang gunsmith pwede gumawa ng rechambering?
  4. The gunsmith will have to ream your chamber. Be sure to get a good gunsmith who knows how to properly ream a chamber. Pag sumobra ang headspace, you can have accuracy problems. Pag kulang naman, you can have pressure problems.

    Also, change your magazines. The 9mm mags have either a spacer at the rear or the newer ones have indentations in the front of the mags to prevent the ammo from nosediving inside the mags.

    If you don't mind me asking, how much is a 9mm/38 Super RIA Commander now?
  5. I dont have any idea about store prices. I bought it P18,000.00 second hand from a fellow BOG. :)
  6. try mo ke churchil sa Pb dionisio.
  7. Thanks, Darwin. BTW, in Guns and Ammo Magazine's The Complete Book of the Model 1911, it mentioned Metalform Magazines as the most reliable 9mm magazine they have tested, having been designed by Rob Leatham.

    Have lots of fun with it!;)
  8. Yung sa open ko 9mm barrel, pina-ream ko lang sa first option para maging 38super.
  9. Pa adjust/tuning mo rin ang tension nang extractor mo.
  10. uuy! RIA ni judge yan, a!

    dalhin mo kay churchill sa pb or kay mang delfin sa first option. as for the mags, i have no idea san meron pang 38 super
  11. Get another 9mm barrel+link. Less than 2.5K lang yata dati sa Arsmcor. Yun yung ipa-ream mo instead tapos pa-fit sa baril mo. That way switch top ka ng 9mm and super. Only tune the extractor kung di gumana sa 38sup. But I'm willing to bet kung semi-rimmed gagamitin mo wala ka ng gagalawin na iba.

    Just a word of caution though dre. Technically, you'll need another license for that kasi specific ang caliber designation sa license between 38sup and 9mm. ;)
  12. Sa stronghand marami ako nakita 38super mags.
  13. Mco,
    if he gets a 9mm barrel and get it rimmed to 38super eh di 9mm pa din nakasulat sa barrel nya diba? eh kung kumuha sya ng licence ng 38 super tapos 9mm tatak ng barrel nya di kaya lalo sya magkaproblema?

    most brandnew 38 super barrels have undersized chambers in such that a 38 super cartridge would not go all the way in (9mm pasok ata) so smiths have to ream the new barrels for it to fit, so the job you want done is not that foreign to them. ed brown lang ata yung barrel na naka chamber na exacto sa caliber nya.
  14. ako me alam na hybrid barrel pang super
  15. Hybrid barrel can be used to replace a bull barrel? How much?

    Hindi ba okay na yung comnplete documentation para sa caliber change ng barrel? Hindi ba pwedeng iparestamp na lang yung caliber designation?
  16. May nakita din ako sa may Robinson's Fairview CMC 10 rounder.
  17. yup, bull barrel din sya eh pero kelengan mo cut yung slide so di mo na mababalik yung lumang barrel.

    pwedeng naman iregister na 2 tops and 2 calibers. i guess pwede mo iparestomp gagastosan mo nga lang.
  18. Oh. I dont want to alter the slide gusto ko kasi magcaliber change. I guess I'll go with McO's suggestion to get a new 9mm barrel and have it reamed. How about the springs? Do I need to change some springs?
  19. That's a sander's job.. hwekhwek..:supergrin:

    Yung factory springs mo na matigas should be fine. ;) Pero I just noticed naka Novak ka pala. Kung mag barrel swap ka baka iiba yung POI mo. Unless langit yung tama, it shouldn't be difficult to make adjustments in POA. Or better yet, get a bomar. ;)
  20. CMCs are good .38 Super magazines.
  21. There are plenty of mecgar .38super single stack mags at Twin Pines. Mahirap hanapin ang double stack .38 super na mecgars..:)
  22. Any idea how much they're selling the mags now?