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Conversion barrel for a G22

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Hey there Glock Talkers:

You always give such helpful insight and advice so thought I'd get your advice and hear your experience once more.

Thinking of getting .40 to 9mm converstion barrel for my G22. I've heard of Lone Wolf but I know there are a few other manufacturers out there. Any experience with Lone Wolf or any other brand?

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I have a Lone Wolf G34 ported barrel. I've been wanting to upgrade my OEM Glock 21 barrel and am planning on going with Lone Wolf again. Other options are: Bar-Sto, EFK Fire Dragon, Jarvis, KKM, and Storm Lake.
I have had a great time with my Lone Wolf 40 to 9mm barrel for my G22.

Barrel and mag swap is all I do to shoot 9mm. Love it. The 33rd mags are for the Zombies........

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lone wolf, kkm, bar sto, storm lake barrel
...those are the ones I'd recommend...I have at least one barrel from every maker on the list above, and all have been satisfactory...only "Problem" was the WAIT for one of my Bar-Sto's!!!...HTH....mikey357
KKM = My favorite.

Bar-Sto = Somewhere in the middle. (with a 16 week wait time)

Lone wolf = Least favorite. (but they'll probably ship it out today)
Try Storm Lake. I have their .357 SIG barrel for my G22, fit and finish is great. Accuracy of the barrel is better than my shooting. :whistling:

Midway USA has a good price for Storm Lake barrels at about $135 compared to manufacturer's retail price of $160 found on most websites.

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Seems like Lone Wolf is the cheapest at just over $100 with kkm and Storm Lake running around 145-165. Are the others worth the extra roughly $50 over the Lone Wolf barrels? Thanks for any input.
I prefer KKM barrels but Lone Wolf is a good barrel for the money.
I got a Storm lake conversion barrel for mine and couldn't be happier. It dropped right in as advertised. And when using G17 mags feed, fired and ejected everything I put through it. And was indeed very accurate. Nothing negative to say about the conversion. Actually I have no use for a .357 SIG barrel but between that and a .22 conversion unit your G22 can be a 4 caliber gun. That's really hard to beat.
I have a LW for my G23 (40-9) and it works very well. I use a G19 9mm magazine to complete the conversion.
I have used Lone Wolf barrels several times with good success.
I have a few of the Lone Wolf barrels including a 40-9 for my Glock 22. Works perfectly with no other modifications or changes needed, just a 9mm G-17 magazine. I use mine to shoot my lead loads and at a hair over 1,000 fps and I am not getting any leading, didn't need any lapping to smooth the bore or break in to get it there. Real happy with the Lone Wolf barrels.
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