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Conversation w/ my son

  1. Morning guys,

    Just for a smile....

    Yeah, I'm new here and new to sidearms in general so I'm learning. I recently complete a poly 9mm & .22 build. My son and I were talking over the weekend- "How many rounds do you have Dad" he asked "A thousand of 9mm, a thou of .22" I responded. "Not enough" he responded.

    Then I told him that I had really wanted to get more proficient with the poly19 before SHTF, he responded "Dad, you go into my gun safe and pull out the 590 Mossburg, it's #4 buckshot wll preclude your need to be "proficient" .....

    My boy is a realist.........LOL

  2. He does know a shotgun doesn't fire a solid wall of doom right ?

    The 1" - 3" spread ( range dependent ) is a lot easier to manage than 9mm, but practice is still good.

    I imagine you both know, because he did have a good line there :)
  3. Welcome to the forum...there are few (short range) situations that a 590 cannot remedy, however, one needs to be proficient with all platforms
  4. Opps, wrong thread.
  5. I have always said that round for round, you will get much more "proficient" with a shotgun in a far shorter period of time. It is also more "forgiving" of slight errors than a pistol. And the stopping power is undeniable, vs a pistol which ranges from ok to questionable in any caliber.*. I think that is a very fair statement of SG vs pistol.

    Also, 1000 rounds is not enough for what? It is enough to make 9 trips to a range and deliberately shoot 100 rounds each time. You would still have 100 rounds left over for the Corona Zombie Apocalypse. In each caliber. How many 1000 round gunfights do you think you will survive against someone like me? or any group of three guys half as good?

    Congrats for doing the build. Great learning experience. Congrats for taking responsibility for your own defense. 1k of 9mm and 1k of .22 will get you through 100 Corona viruses.

    And having 30 days of food & water and medicine and hygiene and not having to even go outside in any SHTF situation will keep you safe and alive longer than any amount of ammunition.

    *This of course does not include the 10mm, which, while technically a caliber is more appropriately rated in kilotons or blast radius.
  6. Hey Eradicator, nice post, good story and smart son. I enjoyed the post, don’t know why it seems like others want to correct or explain things to you.
  7. Perhaps it is because they know of what they speak.
  8. Meanwhile my dad carries a gun he's never even shot
  9. Great way to get a very good feel for the 12-gauge, IMO, is to go trap shooting several times. You see that 12-gauge spread going after the target, get a very good feel for hitting a moving target, get comfortable with the firearm. My neighbor, loves his Winchester SXP 12 gauge, pump action, wood stock and grip.