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contact lenses

  1. i know there was a thread way back but it go purged .

    whats best place online to buy contacts ?? seems i need them or glasses and i dont like glasses
    best brands ? can you get extended wear ones ?

    eye doc today did not really explain alot . i go back in morning to learn how to install them lol

    but i want to buy online cause i know its cheaper
  2. Do you have your prescription yet?

    I just ordered mine through my ophthalmologist.....never considered online.

    Don't wear mine very often, because I'm just as "geezer" looking with, or without glasses.....ha!

    I do have a problem removing my contacts (soft).....was wondering if anyone has any experience with all the available removal tools......?
  3. pick up script in morning . i got astigmatism in both eyes
  4. I wouldn't buy online at first. It may take you several brands for several weeks each and tweaks to your prescription before settling on something you like. A good ophthalmologist will have suggestions and likely samples, or sell you small quantities, to find something that works. Once you settle on a brand and the prescription, you can buy a larger quantity online. I have no idea where because I prefer to buy from my doctor.
  5. do you have insurance that covers them?

    wal-mart / 1800contacts is cheaper than most eye doctors. Sometimes they have a special.
  6. Forgot to say, most eye doctors have pushed oasys brand because they allow the eye to exchange oxygen supposedly.

    They are approved for overnight wear, but I don't like keeping them in at night.
  7. Most eye doctors will try to be very close to 800 contacts, because otherwise they would have zero business.

    I bought my last few boxes at Walgreens, they run 20% off specials on contacts, and it was much cheaper than 1800 for my daily disposables.
  8. I used to wear contacts but pinguecula (fat deposits) in eyes made it unpleasant.

    However, as far as removing them, to avoid pinching your eyeball (ouch), I would flood them with artificial tears and just quickly pinch them off.