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'-' connector ok for G36?

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Can not remember if connectors are the same in G36 and other Gen3's.
I am putting '-' connectors in all my Gen3 models and I know some parts on G36 are not the same.
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Sure it's fine. But I limit its use to the range. I use a Ghost 4.5# Ranger for the street...pull is actually 5# in my G36.
Trigger felt bad. Shot M41 S&W after shooting 100rnds thruG36.
That really made it feel harsh.
Most guns, other than 1911's, will feel nasty when compared to a Smith model 41. Or to my Ruger bull-barrel Model 1 Target .22 auto.

Gotta expect that. Different trigger systems.

Finally got a deal on the OEM '-'connector in the kit from Cabela's and
bought a few.
Would you please post a link to that Cabela's sale on "-" connectors?
Couldn't find it.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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