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    This fellow comes to confession. "Father, he said, forgive me
    for I have sinned."
    The priest asked, "What did you do, my son?"
    "I lusted," the fellow replied.
    "Tell me about it," the priest said.
    The fellow then related his story. "Father, I am a deliveryman
    for UPS. Yesterday I was making a delivery in the affluent
    section of the city. When I rang the bell, the door opened and
    there stood the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She
    had long blonde hair and eyes like emeralds. She was dressed
    in a sheer dressing gown that showed her perfect figure. And,
    she asked if I would like to come in."
    "And, what did you do, my son?" asked the priest.
    "Father, I did not go in the house but I lusted. Oh, how I
    lusted," replied the man.
    "Your sin has been forgiven," replied the priest. "You will get
    your reward in heaven, my son."
    "A reward, father? What do you think my reward might be?"
    the fellow asked.
    The priest replied, "I think a bale of hay would be appropriate,
    you jackass."