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    A priest was about to retire after serving the same parish for 25 years, and his flock was giving him a party and dinner. The main speaker, a local politician, had car trouble on the way, and was late. The priest decided to keep things rolling by rtelling a few stories about his years in the parish.
    "I remember the very first confession I heard here," he remarked...."The young man told me that he'd lived a life of crime...had stolen a TV set, mugged several old ladies.....visited a house of sin and contracted a social disease which he passed along to his sister.....I thought I'd stepped into a den of iniquity here, but I soon discovered that most of the folks here are good and decent, and I learned not to judge others by one example".
    The politician arrived, apologized profusely for being late, and launched into his own remarks...."I recall when Father Riley was assigned to our parish," he began...."In fact, mine was the first confession he heard........."