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Concealed or Exposed Hammer for J-frame Concealed Carry.

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Hi Mas,

I'm looking to buy a small Revolver for concealed carry for those times when my G30sf is just too much.

The models I'm looking at are the S&W M&P 340, M&P 360 or the Ruger LCR357. Currently I've found the 360 on sale for about $530 new, which is much cheaper than it usually is. Of course that is still more expensive than the LCR.

My Question:
I'll most likely carry IWB but I may also pocket carry if it is comfortable with a pocket holster. I'm wondering how much of an impediment you think a J-frame with an exposed hammer could be for concealed carry. In your experience, does the exposed hammer cause problems like getting snagged on the draw, printing, discomfort etc?
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I'm partial to the M&P 340 myself, but if you've got a spectacular deal on the 360, that's a fine gun too. For civil liability reasons, and to prevent the fish-hook-shaped hammer from snagging on pocket linings, I'd have the hammer spur shaved off the 360 and the single action cocking notch removed from the internals.

Thanks Mas. I love the 340, I'll just cough up a bit extra and go that route rather than gunsmithing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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