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How you carry should be common sense and easy to decide but you probably will need a lock up box too if your really going to drive threw ILLINOIS and for me that's only FAST1 and FortKnox . I would drop down into Tennessee and avoid IL . At least buy a box with a simplex lock . In the 20 years of riding while I also cc'd I carried on my body , no different than working or a night out or driving for a long day . Always at a 3:00 IWB set high as I always had a jacket on when riding or t shirt when off the bike I did move from a leather gear to ballistic polyester tourmaster transition gear in later years . Had to stop riding 6 years ago but used a comp-tac neutral for 14 years now and a ride or drive back to south florida wasn't a big deal CC's a 4" class pistol . Considering I rode for years out of in SW FL I never found heat a problem in brown learther with a proper jacket with some vents but the rain !! . I changed to tourmaster gear do to being waterproof also .
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