Concealed carry class in Santa Clara, Mojave, Sacramento, Reno

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    Course: CCW class for Nevada, Utah, and Florida

    - With these 3 permits you can legally carry in about 22 States !!!
    - Instructor has special permission to instruct CCW for Utah and Florida within California
    - Instruction for Nevada CCW must take place within Nevada.
    (Special heavily discounted Nevada courses for those who had my Florida/Utah course)
    - Approval for NV, UT and FL is SHALL-ISSUE (means automatic for most people).
    - Utah/Florida permits good for 5 years. Nevada permit good for 3 years.

    Cost: $125.00 for Florida/Utah in California. $125.00 for Florida/Utah/Nevada in Nevada. Special Nevada only is just $25.00 for those having paid for my Florida/Utah course.
    - Bring or rent unloaded firearms that you want to qualify with (semi-auto/revolver)
    - Bring or purchase 50 rounds of ammo per gun. Bring more and have some fun!!!
    - Bring or rent eye and ear protection
    - Pay your range fees
    - Pay finger printing/notary fees as applicable (see notes)
    - Pay application fees directly to the state(s) your applying with

    Note1: Nevada finger printing and notary included in application fee.
    Note2: Florida requires any law enforcement to do your finger printing
    Note3: Utah finger prints can be done by anyone


    - Friday, May 24 at 6pm Near Scott & the 101 Freeway
    Reeds indoor Range (Formerly NSC)
    1100 Duane Ave
    Santa Clara, Ca

    - Saturday, May 25 at 10am Near Scott & the 101 Freeway
    Reeds indoor Range (Formerly NSC)
    1100 Duane Ave
    Santa Clara, Ca
    Note: We will not use Reed’s meeting room for this session. We will meet elsewhere except for range time. Range time will be at Reed’s.

    - Sunday, May 26 at 10am (tentative – email me for confirmation)
    Cordova Shooting Center
    11551 Douglas Road
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
    DIRECTIONS: Hwy 50 to Sunrise Blvd., south exit, go 4 miles to Douglas Road, turn right - go 1/4 mi, entrance on right next to sign.
    Note: We will not use Cordova’s range for the academic portion of the course.

    - Sunday, June 2 at noon (email me for confirmation)
    Mojave area

    - Sunday, June 16 at 1PM (email me for confirmation)
    Reno area

    - Monday, June 17 at 10am (email me for confirmation)
    Reno area

    - Prearranged times outside the Bay area can be made.
    - Contact me to arrange for training at your local range.


    - Contact me ahead of the class (preferred). No one turned away if space available
    - Qualify by being capable of hitting a large, still, silhouette target at 3, 7, and 15 yards to qualify and demonstrate safe handling of the firearm by following all range rules
    (Most people who have done any shooting are probably fine. Separate pre-qualification instruction available for those who feel they need it)
    - No drawing from a holster required
    - Have been convicted of no felonies (unless rights restored) or certain other crimes, etc
    - Must be at least 21 years of age
    - Mail application to Florida/Utah
    Hand deliver application to the Sheriff’s office at Fernley, Nevada (30 minutes from Reno) or Yerington, Nevada (60 minutes from Reno). Contact info for Lyon County Sheriff - 775/463-6600.

    For more information contact Jay Spencer:
    - Phone: 408/244-2506
    - Fax: 408/961-4814
    - [email protected]