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Conceal Carry a G23 with a LWD .40 to .357 barrel?

  1. I have a G23 and would like to start carrying .357Sig. Lone Wolf has a very good reputation here on GT, and their barrels are very price competitive, but the question needs to be askedÂ…

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    Would you carry one since your life will depend on it?

    Would you carry a converted pistol, but only use a factory barrel?

    Would you not carry a converted pistol at all, since you would use it to protect yourself and the ones you love?

    Thanks Everyone!
  2. A stock Glock 32 barrel is all you need.
  3. I would not trust my life to any after-market barrel.
  4. I live very close to Smyrna and the folks over at Glock are great. They do not recommend any aftermarket barrels for their guns, especially the .40 -9mm conversions, although their comment is, "that many customers have experienced great success with this." One thing they will tell you, is that they have no problem in you converting your .40 cal G27 to a .357 sig by swapping the barrels. They are the exact same gun, minus the barrel and the mags.
  5. THIS

    The only parts I might change are the connector and sights on a SAFE MY @%# GUN
    There's good arguement over even changin the connector
  6. I agree ^^^^

    I have a KKM conversion to 357 sig in my G35 and it has run thousands of rounds thru it flawlessly but for EDC I would go with the stock G32 Glock barrel.
  7. Thanks for the input everybody!!!
  8. Yep, get the factory G32 barrel since the only difference is the chamber/bore. I made that switch and never had a problem. Have since gone back to .40 though.
  9. Could you swap a G19 barrel into a G23?
  10. only for fun (plinking) if that. the g23 slide is designed for the .40 and the little claw that grabs and ejects the round is too. converting to a 9mm barrel would not change the slide and hence, the rounds might not eject properly. this is the answer a certified glock armorer told me.
  11. The g23 slide is just as suited for .357sig as 40. For 9mm the case diameter differs, so you would want to change some parts for complete reliability, however the case diameters for .357sig and 40 are identicle so mags slides frames springs etc are all going to work, only difference is the barrel.
  12. I've been using the 40-9 conversion barrel in my G23 for range fun...

    After countless rounds without a failure, using only the conversion barrel & 9mm mags, I would be confident to "carry" it.