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Computers - one topic (F22 fighters) and one question

  1. Topic:
    CNN reported that a squadron of 8 new F22 Raptors going on deployment to Japan from Hawaii approched the international date line and all onboard computers DUMPED! Communications, Fuel management, Weapons, everything.... gone. Airbone "reboots" failed.

    They had to return to Hawaii with the guidance of their accompanying fuel tankers. Could have been serious but those are just the kind of bugs you need to work out with new aircraft. A "Tiger team" of experts found the error in the comptuer code and had the Raptors on their way in 48 hours.

    Now the question:
    I bought a new 19" flat panel monitor. Works fine on a newer laptop but on my older laptop I have a problem. Program windows display fine, but if I try to run a movie from the DVD player, the window for the movie itself (which appears fine on the laptop) appears as a blank square on the flatscreen. The "older" laptop is a Compaq Presairo 2100. Is there a display configuration I can change to help or will a fix involve perhaps a new graphics card for the old laptop? The laptop display resolution is set to 1024 by 768 pixels.

    Image of what appears on the flat screen monitor is shown below. The blank square on the flat monitor is filled with a movie sceen on the laptop. The exact same problem occurs with three different DVDplayer programs.

  2. "Your aircraft is attempting to crash into the sea, Confirm or Deny?"

    Oh shi...
  3. Actually, it wasn't all the computers, it's fly by wire.
  4. That's true

    I can't find a write-up giving more details
  5. :laughabove:

    Yet another definition for the "Blue Screen of Death"
  6. So technology wizards,

    Why does my old laptop display show the movie but the attached flat screen monitor simultaneously show a blank square?
  7. Try going to your options and turn off overlays. Options->Performance Tab-> Advanced.
  8. You just need to change your settings so that you're only sending the image to the external screen. Usually hitting the 'function' key and then f7 will cycle through the laptop's screen, Mirroring, and External Screen only.

    Your video card doesn't have enough juice to keep track of moving images on both screens at once, so it's not even trying.

    Common problem with older laptops. Newer cards can keep track of moving images both places.
  9. Thank you very much.

    I'll give that a try. Edit: worked perfectly!

    Or - was that advise for the F22 pilots?

  10. Which part? Turning off overlay, or directing all output to the screen?
  11. Using the function key to toggle output entirely to the external flat screen monitor.