Computer monitor: shadows and streaks?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by powernoodle, Jan 3, 2005.

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    When using both an old CRT monitor and a brand new 19" Sony flatscreen, I see dark shadowy lines extending out from words and graphics that are on the screen.

    I had always assumed that my old CRT monitor was konking out, but the same thing is happening with this new Sony monitor, so I don't think its a monitor issue.

    Whats going on here? Video card going bad, or something else?

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    You'll need to reinstall the graphics card to be sure. Don't fret, it's easy.

    Before you get started, R. Click the Desktop and select Properties> Settings> Advanced (button)> and check the tabs...the one in the upper right corner should have the name of your Vid Card on it. Also listed under the Adapter tab.

    If it is an older one, like a Trident or something, you are out of luck, as the onboard is probably going ****-up. A new MOBO is the only cure for that.

    But, if it has an nVidia or ATI 3D card installed,you are in good shape.

    First, download a little app called Driver Cleaner, and save it to the desktop. Then grab a newer set or nVidia drivers from the link found on this page.

    Next, open the Control Panel> Add and Remove Programs, find the ATI Catalyst or nVidia Forceware drivers (assuming this is NOT an onboard video solution) and remove them.

    Reboot into Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly at boot time) and run Driver Cleaner so that all remnants are stripped from the registry. Reboot into Normal mode.

    And install the new driver set. Simple!

    If none of this helps, then the fan on the card may have stopped; perhaps some canned air could cure it. If there is no fan, you could try shutting down, removing it, reinserting it and then restarting to see if that helps.

    If not then you will need a new card. And you already know how to install it, don't you?;f ;a ;f

    Good luck!

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    The early,pre G-Force 2, G-Force cards overheat and show gray lines after they become damaged.If the fan quits any card can overheat.Also often the video drivers get corrupted.This normally looks fuzzy.Try reinstalling the video driver and see how it looks.