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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by volky, Dec 28, 2004.

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    I want to add more memory to my Dell Dimension 3000. Currently has 256 Meg with one open slot.Uses 184 pin DDR DIMM modules. Mfr says to add memory in matched pairs. It says you can mix modules such as one 256 and one 512 but performance will be reduced.

    So, does that mean that mixing them will give you less performance than just one 512? Or that I will get more than 512 but not as much as 768?

    I would call Dell tech support, but we all know how good that is. I'm sure there's more knowledge here than at Dell.
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    The only possible reason why performance would be reduced with more RAM in that board is the abysmal quality of the DDR they themselves install, which sometimes doesn't play well with other RAM!

    It's probably PC2700 DDR, though this app will tell you for sure; run it an see what type/speed/ect that DIMM is, and try to get one with similar speeds.

    There is simply no way that your machine will be slower with 768MB of DDR installed than it is with 256MB!!! And if their OEM 'RAM' DOES manage to slow you down....REMOVE IT and replace it with your shiny new 512MB DIMM.

    That ought to take care of the problem for you.

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    The way I read it is it can use one module of memory in the slot cloest to the processor or two modules of the same size.They say you can mix PC2700 and PC3200 but they will both run at PC2700 speed.I don't see where they say you can mix different sizes,only different speeds.If you have 256mb you should only add a 256mb to that one.That should be plenty but anymore than that would get expensive.That PC uses both single channel and dual channel memory depending the number of slots you use.If the front side bus is 533 the memory will only run at 333mhz even the PC3200.If it has a 800mhz front side bus processor the memory should be PC3200 and run at 400mhz.