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Compulsive Sexual Behavior is Now Recognized as a Mental Disorder

  1. Why Trump?

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  2. Read the whole article.
    Utilize critical thinking.
    You should understand the joke.
  3. If you have Melania at home boinking that skank Stormy Daniels is a little crazy.
  4. Just another effort by this society to give everyone who acts peculiarly, acts out, misbehaves or commits crimes to be able to point to some psych manual and say "See it isn't my fault, I can't be held accountable." Don
  5. So if one likes to, say, "punch the munchkin" and drink beer, one might have a sweet disability case? I'll have to let "this guy I know" about that.
  6. He didn’t boink her, geez, the man is a germaphobe, like he’s going to **** a porn actress? Gimme a break.
  7. Hmm.

    Psychologists defining more "disorders."

    More work for them!!
  8. I’m waiting for TDS to be added to the next DSM.
  9. does that mean I qualify for SSI disability?
  10. Hmmm.
    *how to explain that to the wife as a disorder???*
  11. So compulsive sex disorder is a mental illness, but if you are attracted to the same sex it was because you were made that way.

    Got it. :upeyes:

  12. It's really pretty simple. /sarcasm.
  13. Thank God Tiger Woods was smarter than that!
  14. Real mental illness isn't a disease I can beat out of a person.
  15. Frequent prostate exercise helps prevent prostate cancer. Gotta keep the ammo rotated.
  16. G30 will take that one and run with it!
  17. Wonder when Pfizer is going to release the magic pill to cure this new and devastating disorder. So let’s see in the AM you’re going to pop a red pill to counteract the Ambien, a white pill to calm your nerves and a pink pill to “relax” you. In the afternoon you’re going to pop a blue pill, just in case you want to have sex with the wife/girlfriend/goat... whatever. Then you’re going to pop Ambien to make you sleepy ...

  18. Did he pay her $130,000 or not? If he did we all know why. Not that I care much either way. I expect most powerful men to be horndogs and don't worry about it.
  19. Completely agree, theres a pointless diagnosis or excuse to everything. Except the one nobody wants to hear and thats the truth.
  20. Without that huge hetero sex drive, the human race would not be here.
  21. I'm compulsive about everything! Send me all the money and all the box tops!!!
  22. I haven’t heard anything specific of what he was said to have done with her. According to Bill, he may be able to say “I did not have sexual relations with that woman “? At least nothing has been alleged to have been done in the White House, as far as we are aware. Who would care anyway?

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  23. Need to go buy some Pfizer.
  24. Have your boyfriend tell her.
  25. [​IMG]
  26. And perhaps it may be that some of us only WISH we had that sorta kinda problem maybe just for a little while to try it on and see if it fits please? :dancingbanana:

    Compulsive? (sounds like it's not under control there. bad juju that)

    I prefer "Compelling sexual behavior brought about and due solely to the charismatic and overwhelming animal magnetism of all or both horndog parties in question" as a descriptor.

    I think that happened once. It might have been the booze... :dunno:

    Oh well. Not my monkey, circus or problem... darnit (aha j/k)
  27. I couldn't read past ICD-11.

  28. Does this mean you can get a prescription, go down to your local brothel to get it filled and Obamacare will pay for it?
  29. But being gay?