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Competing with duty gear

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Sorry for this stupid question. I don't compete regularly and as such, I have never found the need to buy competition gear. The last time I shot for competition was at a fun shoot in Region II / Isabela and for that, I used my tactical gear such as my thigh holster, regular mag pouches, etc. I was even thinking of hanging a light off my gun.

Okay, here goes - do competition rules allow people who want to shoot with their tactical gear to compete? Or will I be banned from competing in any PPSA-sanctioned match if I show up and use my tactical holster instead of a purpose-built competition holster / rig?

The reason why I am asking is because I have this "train with what you got and what you will use in the real world" philosophy. I want to hardwire my muscle memory on the gear that I do get to use on a regular basis and not just gear that I may / may not use with any sort of frequency, i.e., competition gear.

All opinions, answers, and suggestions are welcome. Thanks to all! Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter!

LEOs can use their duty rig as per Rule 5.2.8 (2006 IPSC Handgun Rule Book). I'm just not sure with the weapon light, it might be under the discretion of the Range Master

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pwede tukayo, as 9MX and Doc EC replied pasok sa rule ng IPSC . i've seen LEO using the duty gears sa Competition.
* just bring your ID or badge when you register for a comp. then you're good to go and may discount din LEO's.

Happy Easter too.

Happy Easter BOG's..
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