Comparison of G19, Sig 229, HKP2k at training.

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by threefeathers, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Oct 23, 2008
    When I was traveling to various training schools my wife said, "Take the Glock, if you lose it we can replace it quickly. Military discount gets me one for $380.) :cool:

    1. Glock 19, very dependable, industructable mags, parts are everywhere I go, easy to clean. Accurate. But, the triggerguard wears a knot on my middle finger and that is common. The Glock slide will leave tracks on the web of big hands. The issue Glock sights are terrible and need to be changed. (I've gone to the Advantage Tactical color system). The nobs on the front strap are terrible for me and I dremeled them. Cannnot use lead reloaded bullets which would reduce practice costs.

    2. The P2K. Is very dependable, points naturally, sights are great as issued, fastest reload on the planet using Brian Enos method, easy to clean. Match accurate out of the box.It is FLAT and extremly easy to hide in an IWB holster. But, mags cost a bunch, the gun is overly expensive, parts aren't quite so avalible but not scarce either. Cannot use lead reloads which would reduce practice costs.

    3. Sig 229. Is also very dependable. The DAK trigger is terrific. Sights are good from the box. Easy to clean. Very accurate out of the box. Can use lead reloads which reduce practice costs. Overly expensive, overly large and harder to hide. The slide release is awkward to manipulate if in a version with a decocker. Many of my students hit the wrong lever. The DAK does away with the decocker.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    what's this "slide release" thingy everyone is always talking about? (JK)

    i use an overhand slingshot on all my pistols, removes an aspect of muscle memory my spinal cord could never keep straight, switching from pistol design to pistol design...