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Compaq laptop for sale/trade. Brother had this computer, and upgraded to a newer one, and asked me to sell this for him. Specs are 1.7GHz, 15.4" widescreen, 512MB RAM, 50GB HD. Comes with Microsoft Office and Frontpage, has XP Home installed on it. Hard drive has the restoration partition with a copy of the OS on it.

Two problems. Battery is worthless. Plan on picking one up on eBay for cheap if you need it. Also, LCD has problems (see picture). Sometimes the full screen works, sometimes a third of the screen works, most of the time it doesn't work at all properly (has vertical lines appearing). Connecting it to an external monitor, and it works great. External monitor is not included. AC adapter is included.

Laptop has usage wear (like the touch pad is worn, but works fine). Letters on keyboard are easily readable. Has light scuffs and scratches, nothing major. LCD is in great shape (other than the display problem).

If you can get this fixed, or deal with an external monitor, it's still a strong laptop.

Sell for $100 shipped. LAST PRICE DROP: $80 shipped! I ship Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. If you want insurance, add $4 (display does not work, so don't think about filing an insurance claim that the display was screwed up in shipping).

Will trade for (5) factory Glock DFML high cap mags (9mm, .40, or .45).

I can provide many references. On a trade, will cross ship (same time) with you if you can provide at least 10 referernces on successful deals. Otherwise, you ship first, and I'll ship upon receipt of your package. For a sale, I'll mail out within two business days of payment receipt. I can do Paypal or USPS MO. Posting this on multiple sites, so email me for quickest response.
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