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Compaq iPAQ H3650 Color PDA w/accessories

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by CheesyD, Aug 6, 2003.

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    --- SOLD ---

    Compaq iPAQ H3650 Color PDA


    - iPAQ H3650 PDA
    - Original box, documentation and software
    - Compaq iPAQ PC Card Expansion Sleeve (also includes original standard sleeve)
    - Kingston 64MB Compact Flash card (for expansion sleeve which allows for expansion beyond the standard 32MB memory)
    - USB and Serial Cradles
    - A/C Adapter
    - Two stylus'
    - Leather Slipper PAQ2 case (by E&B Cases)

    This PDA was purchased new by me for my job and has been used sparingly. My company has since been bought out and the new corporate policy is no PDA's on the network so I no longer can use this for work. As with many iPAQs, the built-in stylus holder does not hold the stylus securely (doesn't click in). There is a tiny smudge in the lower left corner of the screen which does not impact usability or visibilty at all. Other than that, this unit is ready to go.

    Cost for a new H3650 and these accessories exceed $500 (as seen at ...

    iPAQ H3650 - $265
    PC Card Expansion Pack - $99
    USB Cradle - $52
    E&B Case - $37
    Kingston 64MB Card - $50

    Asking only $165.00 plus shipping for a quick sale.