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Compact Pick-Up Truck

  1. Ain't no $15K vehicles anymore. One year ago there were SIX vehicles, extreeeeemly basic, that were under $15K. I didn't find stats for this year, but there's probably fewer vehicles under $15K.

    Mustangs are $50K+ now.
  2. I'm interested in a little pickup for puttering. Can't wait too many years, and it'll have to be able to carry junk, etc. Manual trans would be a plus, too.
  3. Blah, looks turble. Just turble awful. (Not worth spelling out terrible)
  4. I like the idea. That model is currently sold in Brazil. The USA version would certainly look better.
  5. Dang that's fugly.

    I'd go for a Hi Lux diesel though.
  6. Screen Shot 08-09-18 at 12.56 PM.JPG
  7. It'll look kind of funny with the truck-nuts hanging out of the grill backwards.
  8. Its not fancy or pretty but I think thats whats needed to really hold the price down.

  9. :laughabove:
  10. That one?


    Toyota's or Hyundai's?

    I would consider.
  11. I don’t think this will actually happen... They’re planning on making it in Mexico and importing it to the USA but the truck is too small to smuggle drugs and illegal aliens into the country without being detected.
  12. [​IMG]
    Need a PhotoShop...
    "Jimmy Hoffa Inside"
  13. I think small trucks are what's missing from today's market. I had a Ranger that I bought used in 2001 that was a 1995 and it was a former fleet vehicle and had been well maintained. It was as basic as you could get with a single cab, short bed, 5 speed overdrive and a 4 cylinder. Great little truck, good on gas and was adequate for my needs.

    In about 2006 I "Upgraded" to a slightly newer Mazda truck which is basically the same thing as a Ranger but the newer truck had the extended cab and a slightly longer wheelbase but it was the same 4 cylinder 5 speed as the other truck. I liked the extra room in the cab especially for road trips when carrying luggage but the shorter wheelbase of the single cab was better for parking and maneuverability.

    I can't imagine driving one of the newer monster 4 door trucks that are so popular these days especially one with an 8 foot bed. I did construction work for many years and always had a truck. Some were short beds, most were long beds, one was a flatbed, but all were full size and single cab. But I also usually owned a second car so the trucks were mostly daily drivers and work vehicles.

    One small truck that I always wanted to own was the little Ford Falcon Ranchero. With the 260 V8 and a 4 speed it would be a lot of fun to drive and not too bad on gas either.

  14. I’d be interested if it had 4WD. I’m guessing it won’t. Price point is very appealing.
  15. i like a small Pick Ups, and presently drive a 97 F350 Crew Cab 4x4 diesel

    i'd even drive one of those, BUT, that ain't a truck
  16. That ain't no truck. :miff:
  17. Ford is bringing back the Ranger in 2019.

  18. Hey now. I drive a 97 f350 crew cab diesel too :D
  19. If you're concerned about cost, can't you just buy a lightly used truck?

    I'd be interested in one with a reduced wheelbase, as opposed to being scaled down to a sedan chassis - like a Tacoma with an Access Cab and 5' bed.
  20. Yeh I think every driveway should have a small truck just the right size to haul a new dishwasher or several bags of mulch etc.. Small homeowner project type stuff.

  21. I think GM needs to bring this to the US:

  22. If it was front wheel drive to begin with 4wd could be an option if you were willing to pay more money. The Jeep patriot came standard as 2wd front wheel drive but it was offered in 4wd for about $1000-1500 more. When I bought mine in 2011, I think the base price was about $15,000 but I ended up paying quite a bit more because I wanted not only 4wd, but I wanted the larger rims and the off-road package.

    All the auto manufactures need to do is to be able to offer a base vehicle at a low advertised price and buyers will voluntarily jack that price up as they pile on the bells and whistles.
  23. Even that tiny little van they sell, completely stripped, is mid-20's isn't it? I don't see them doing anything at 15k.
  24. I had a little Toyota 2wd manual that was a 93 model. Carried a hand winch behind the seat for getting unstuck. I loved that truck and just about drove the wheels off it over a decade.

    So I agree a little truck with base options like hand crank windows and no power locks is a missing market segment. But there is such little profit in a vehicle like that for the manufacturer I think is why we don't have one available today. It's a shame.
  25. $15,000....sure thing....then add +++++ this will NEVER happen, $20,000 plus ....$23,000 will be average price.....
  26. I think they used to call “compact pick ups” el caminos?
  27. That truck is soooo ugly..._______!
  28. I had a 78 SR-5 long bed, manual, no AC. I gave $5000 for it new. Good truck.
  29. nahhh i want the biggest , heaviest , gas hogginest, nastiest lookin pickup i can afford . Powerwagon. cus Merica and all that. plus it came with a winch so i can pull Chevys and Fords out of a jam if i have to and then laugh at em
  30. The Festiva of pickups. Heck no!
  31. I’d buy one if it was a Toyota 5 years ago or in 16 years when my kids are driving.

    The little truck fills a niche and I wish they made one I’d have owned it. Resale on trucks is crazy and up here they only last 10-15 years before they rot from rust.
  32. I had an Isuzu pickup I drove in high school that had over 200,000 miles on it. A friend had a Mitsubishi mighty max. Those were pretty small trucks. I guess the Honda Ridgeline is as small as they get now.
  33. I’ve had the small chevy’s, fords, Nissans, and Toyota’s. The only one I liked was the Tacoma (and it was an 86 model).
    Small and got the same (ish) gas mileage of the full-sized trucks with half of the capability.
    Nope. Never again.
    Jeep (with small trailer) or 3/4 ton.

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  34. But you can't get the powerwagon with a diesel (winch is in the way for the larger radiator).
  35. I always loved the ford ranger, I've had a few in my day. I would really love a tacoma but to get a 4door with a stick I'm flirting with 40k for a teeny truck!! At that point I would rather save a few bucks and grab a full size on year-end incentives.
  36. I just want a simple, no electronic crap, crank window, regular cab, 4cyl 4wd with a manual transmission and have it come in under 20k. But those days are long long gone.
  37. The days of real trucks are over, now they're 50-60k luxury vehicles. Most of these new trucks don't even have enough bed to haul anything. I've had trucks my whole life and use them like trucks but I refuse to buy new, I guess I'll just keep my local Napa store in business. And the midsize trucks are as big as a half ton.
  38. There was serious consideration given to selling those at Pontiac stores, but...
  39. I picked up a 2016 Chevy Colorado new for $23 k.
    Real basic two door extended cab with the six cyclinder. I get over 22 mpg in town and almost 27 on the highway. It has 300 horse when I need ‘em.
    Love my Colorado.
  40. Put a diesel in it.

    Wait, what's this?

  41. $5,000 in 1978 → is equal to $19,324.31 1n 2018 dollars
  42. We almost got the little diesel Mahindra pickups, but the EPA and NHTSA squashed it.
  43. I was looking forward to seeing them too
  44. There's definitely a hole in the truck market that the Ranger and S-10 used to fill.

    And I really miss the El Camino.

    El Camino El Camino,
    Half car and half truck.
    The front is to drive,
    The back is to...
  45. I gave up back in 2005 and bought a Jeep Liberty CRD diesel, and I drive it to this very day.
    I keep the back seats folded down, it pulls like a tractor, and gets 28 mpg. I've got 170k miles on it, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    When the inevitable happens, it's either a Honda Ridgeline or a mid 1990's ford f-150, new transmission and motor included.

    I'll be damned if I'm paying $50-75,000 for a ****in' truck.
  46. i only tow a trailer with a jeep , so didnt need a diesel really. besides im a diesel mechanic and dont want anything to do with the after treatment BS on newer diesels . the 392 hemi got plenty of grunt lol
  47. Yep. I don't know if i would go for a new one either. Wish i could just get a powerwagon chassis and throw an old 12 valve and a 5 speed in it
  48. now THAT would be an awesome project . ive got a buddy at work that put a 12v in a 70s ford and he says its amazing , looks great too.