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Comp-Tac Glock 19/23 belt holster (RED)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Sniperboy, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Sep 25, 2006
    Oakland, CA, USA
    Comp-Tac (Comptac) Glock 19/23 belt holster.
    Right hand, 1.5" belt in RED.
    Used some but in excellent condition.

    I am selling because I sold my Glock 19 and I am strictly Glock 17 now

    SOLD please add $5 for shipping.

    Trades considered for:

    Advantage Arms Gock 17 .22LR conversion kit.
    'Cobra buckle' riggers belt in OD to fit 32" waist.
    AR mag kydex holsters that will fit Pmags.
    Comp-Tac 1911 holster & quad mag pouch.
    Troy front sight BUIS (HK stle).
    Magpul Black MS2 sling.
    Magpul ACS (mil spec) stock - OD.
    Ergo Sure Rubber Grip in OD.
    Plastic Midlength Handguards (OD a plus).
    Daniel Defense Omega rail for Mid-Length.
    Glock 17 with OD frame.
    1911 chambered in 9mm.
    STI/SVI 10 round double stack magazines in .45
    Fenix LD-01 (AAA flashlight)
    C-Products 10/32 (10 round 32 length) 9mm mags.
    Magpul BAD Lever.
    ZT 301 (OD)
    Surefire "Edge" knife
    MagPul OD pistol grip
    Kershaw Random Task
    Emdom BOMB fak (sewer green)
    Emdom baby shingle (sewer green)
    Eagle Industries FB 1911 double mag pouch (1911) Ranger Green
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