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comp-tac ctac

  1. i just got my compt-tac ctac iwb holster last night. :banana:


    so far, i can understand why it so popular.

    however, the retention makes drawing the weapon a bit of a challenge. it may be because the holster is still brand new. to draw the weapon requires a mighty tug on the grip. with one in the pipe, it may lead to me shooting off one or more of my toes...

    i kinda like my toes exactly where they are.

    so, i am thinking of filing down the two little "bumps" that secure the weapon's trigger guard to make drawing a little easier.

    is my proposed action advisable?

    thanks in advance.

    flame suit on... :supergrin:
  2. Weird that you're having trouble drawing your pistol from the holster. It should be smooth based on my experience with my Comptac Gurkha, no adjustment was necessary from the day that i got it.

    I think you should contact Comptac first before cutting off anything from the holster. If you're lucky it could just be a slight adjustment, if not, a holster replacement.
  3. thanks for the swift reply.

    you are correct of course. maybe i'll try adjusting the holster a little before i do anything too stupid... :supergrin:

    if all else fails, i'll email compt-tac.

    at least because of the gun ban, i still have a few months to iron out all the kinks...
  4. Enjoy your holster. :)
  5. thank you sir.

    problem is, i can only really start enjoying it AFTER the gun ban!! :brickwall:
  6. +1:thumbsup: got 2 for my g23 and commander. one of the best iwb holster in the market.
  7. Need to break in the holster. Bago pa siya!
  8. Pahiran mo ng tire black para dumulas ng konti.

  9. J.B. with Comp-tac here. Have you backed out tension screws yet? If so and there are still issues please PM me. Thank you
  10. vega's right:
    IME Armor-All helps slick the polymer a little,
    without harming it or the gun.

    and congrats on the new gear!!
  11. thanks for all the replies fellas. i appreciate it. :hugs:

    hi JB. thanks for the tip. i kinda realized last night that the tension was adjustable... i adjusted the two tension screws and everything is A-OK. :thumbsup:

    i suppose i was a little too excited about actually getting the holster that simple logic flew right out the window... :blondmoment:

    let's just keep this between ourselves, shall we? he he he.
  12. Wow, excellent service from Comptac. :thumbsup:
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty impressed with J.B.'s (of Comp-tac)
    attention to customers evidenced on this thread!

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: