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Commercial Flight With A Gun

  1. Haven’t traveled in a long time with a gun in checked baggage.
    I have to fly from Memphis to Lubbock Tx, with a change of planes in Houston

    I’m concerned about theft

    Any words of wisdom?
  2. Sadly there is alway a small chance of theft. But you should be ok. I’ve done direct flights with guns n a separate case from Texas to Denver and back with zero issues. Just make sure it’s an a hard case with locks that only you have the keys to. No TSA locks. And I have the ammo in another lockable hard case.

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  3. I did that once and used a combo locked case and put the locking cable around the spine of the suitcase it was in. I don't trust TSA and the baggage handlers.
    Every airport check-in person wanted to put a tag on the outside saying "Gun Inside" which is against Federal Regulations! Carry the regs with you and hope that you don't get diverted to New Jersey or New York where they will arrest you if you try to claim your baggage.
    Our flight was late leaving and the luggage left without us. We had to stay overnight in Denver while our luggage went on. We got it okay, though the next day it did look like someone tried to open my steel case. With a keyed lock they might have been able! TSA or no one else is supposed to have a key or access to the locked container... just your luggage.
    On the way back, again we had a delay and left without our baggage. It arrived the next morning 02:00 while I napped in the living room chair waiting for it. The airline asked if I wanted them to ring the doorbell or just leave it on the porch!
    I put a lock through the barrel and out the ejection port and put it through the end of the cable which is locked inside the case, trying to make it very difficult for sticky fingers! This was my baby at the time... a Kahr PM45. Ammo and mags were in the orange box . Be aware of your airline's rules.
    We don't fly anywhere now that my wife's retired. We drive and carry all of the weapons and ammo and knives that I want. :)
  4. Good info there. I was going to mention the NY/NJ thing...glad you did.

    OP- I'm just high lighting the New York and New Jersey concern again.
  5. I used a combo lock box and secured it to the inside of the suitcase similar to wyntrout. At the end of the day, if they want to steal it they probably will. It is always a chance and unavoidable.
  6. I fly out to Seattle a couple times a year with my handgun, Southwest, and never had a problem. I always go through Chicago Midway, Denver, or St. Louis. We check in at BDL, which is a breeze, and Sea-Tac, which is a little different process but quick. I also loop the cable around the spline if my luggage for what it’s worth. I had a guy grab my luggage off the belt at Sea-Tac last trip, and I fast tracked it to retrieve.
  7. This is what I do as well. Nothing's fool proof but this makes it a hair more difficult if someone was trying to discreetly remove the locking case from the suitcase.
    I'm always a little nervous until I get the suitcase from the conveyor belt, but I dont carry heirlooms either.
  8. I think most, if not all airlines hold any baggage with checked firearms in their baggage service office now as opposed to putting it on the baggage belt.
  9. Alaska Airlines does not. Normal sized bags with a handgun will come out on the carousel. There should be nothing on those bags that identify it as having a gun inside so it should be as safe as any other bag. Rifle cases will be handed over to you at the oversized baggage area.
  10. Delta, SW nor United do.
  11. That depends. Are you voting for Trump or Biden?
  12. No one but the person who checked your weapon to see if it was unloaded should know that there's a weapon in the bag... unless the bag is x-rayed.
    Federal regs require that nothing on the outside identify the luggage as containing a weapon. There should be a weapon checked and unloaded notice placed next to the lock box inside the luggage.
    All of the luggage these days have zippers on the hard sided ones, so I don't see how you can get by without a lockbox inside whatever luggage you use.
  13. I flew Southwest from BWI to DEN last month with a firearm. Firearm unloaded with unloaded mags, and ammo in the original box, locked in a small Pelican case double locked.

    The lady at check in at both BWU and DEN made me unlock the case and show the firearm was unloaded, which I was a bit uncomfortable with. Firearm went back in the case and relocked. They verified only I had the keys. The did stick a form to the outside of the case at BWI, but not DEN. I had the gun case inside another small carry on type bag so it was less obvious that it could have been a firearm in a locked case. Bag came out on the same carousel as the rest of my bags at both DEN and BWI. No issues at either location.
  14. After I experienced a mis-directed bag - "It's not lost, it's in Philadelphia." - and then several more hours of anxiety (waiting for the bag to arrive), I was motivated to learn more about locks, and baggage security. The end result, for me, was Pelican cases and Assa Abloy Protec 2 padlocks. While your bags are out of your custody, you can rest assured that noone with access to your bags is likely to be capable of accessing their contents. And later, when you see your bag on the carousel, or in the luggage office, and you see that your locks are still there, you can rest assured, confident that your case's contents are exactly as you packed them.

  15. It may depend on destination, but I’ve been on United flights into Dulles, San Antonio, and Atlanta as recently as 2019 where checked guns were held. In Atlanta, I don’t remember the exact arrangement, but they weren’t taken to a different office. But I did have to show my ID or baggage receipt to a rep. It may have only been required in Atlanta because it was oversized baggage. I’ve also had firearms baggage held by Delta flying into a Georgia airport.

    ETA: now that I think about it, one Delta trip ~3-5 years into a small Georgia airport was particularly odd. I was waiting at the baggage claim, and the guns never showed. I eventually learned that the had them in a separate area near the curb, which, oddly, made it easier for a thief. Again, this might have only been because it was oversized baggage. Last trip into that airport, I had to pick them up from the counter.
  16. I live in Florida and have checked handguns often. I use a small pelican case with cutouts for the gun, magazines and a box of ammo. Be sure to use Non-TSA operable locks on the case, but be prepared to open the case and show the firearm isn't loaded at check in. Your luggage should not indicate that there is a firearm inside and I've had mine both come out on the carousel and have had to pick it up in a designated area at different airports. I did once have a bag not make it on my home leg flight and it was the last flight of the day. Because there was a firearm in it, the luggage couldn't be delivered by the airlines and I had to drive back to the airport the next morning to grab it.
  17. Travel 1-2 times per month with a checked gun. It's generally no drama; once in a very great while a particular airport will have a slightly different procedure, but with the way the airlines track the bags now I'd say theft is a very low risk. Probably a greater chance getting in a wreck on the way to the airport.
  18. Just flew SW Saturday, filled out the paperwork at the counter the gun taped it to my gun case and put it ith the rest of our bags. Arrived in Phoenix it came down with the rest of our luggage I took the guns out of the case and slipped them into my back pack.

  19. Yup. I have never had to pick up a checked bag from anywhere but the carousel. If the procedure is followed they have no way of knowing the bag has a firearm in it. All documentation is on the inside of the bag.
  20. I only fly SW and never had an issue with a firearm in a locked case, inside another bag. They will inspect to make sure it is unloaded and put in the form that it is unloaded. Other then that, there should be no other markings a gun is inside.