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    Dec 29, 2008
    Dear Mr President

    This letter is in response to the Sandy Hook shooting.
    There are many questions about why this happened, and
    many possible preventive measures are being considered.

    One question is:

    Would banning certain weapons from law abiding citizens
    prevent something like this from ever happening again?
    If a person is willing to commit something as atrocious as
    harming children, and then commit suicide, how do you stop that with a "law"? Certainly someone committed to something as "unlawful" as murder, and then ending thier own life, is not going to stop because the tool they are using is "banned".

    There are many laws already be broken here.

    Mentioned in your recent speech was that the new possible proposals would be worth it if a single child was saved from an event similar to Sandy Hook; it is possible ALL of them could have been saved by simply having properly trained armed personnel at the shool.

    Again, it should be obvious that many laws were broken here; did laws prevent it from happening? No.

    Could a properly trained person possibly have stopped it? Yes.

    This brings the question then, "why is society so dangerous today as to need armed guards at a school in the first place?"

    I believe the answer to that can be found by focusing on why it happened, not simply just blaming the incident on the tool used to carry out the act. Using the tool is the last step in the process of whatever plan the person has. It is time to find out why does someone do something as senseless as harm innocent people, not just try to ban the tool he uses. He will just find another.

    Laws do not "stop things from happening", they merely define how much trouble you will get in if you do it. When a person is intent on an act as severe as murder, and then suicide, stopping it takes more than a law. It takes people defending themselves.

    In closing, I urge you to consider that passing laws to ban certain firearms not only violates the 2nd amendment, but certainly does not stop a criminal; by definition criminals do not obey laws.

    Please think very carefully before even proposing laws related to banning firearms from responsible citizens. The law abiding people that it would affect are not the problem, and criminals would still use banned weapons, while the 2nd amendment is ignored.

    Gun laws help criminals, and hurt law abiding people.

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    Jun 20, 2002
    Nicely done, but it will not change the Usurpers mindset one bit! Its cause the AWB is just a Tool to get to the goal! The Total ban of all civilian own firearms! They(He) doesn't care what you think! Your the problem cause you own a firearm- cause they know they can't control every aspect of your life as long as you have the means to resist! This is why we have to ensure there is NO COMPROMISE what so ever on our right to own and bare firearms! NONE!:steamed:

    Remember Feinstiens words- If I could have gotten the votes - I would have said to America turn them all in every firearm!:faint:
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