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Coming to a Town You Live In

  1. It seems that most of the rioting is occurring in large cities.
    Now, will that happen in your town?
    If so, how will you react?
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  3. Helena Alabama guess what will happen.
  4. NW GA...not worried
  5. No place to really riot here. Except by the intersection of the roads down by the gas station/beer store.

    I'm not too worried yet, but still ready for it.
  6. I'll have my yard manicured and the welcome party waiting...

  7. No, Antifa doesn't want to die in a hail of gunfire.

    Even Blue City Lotus-Eaters are getting tired of the communist rioters.
    This wave of Democrat-endorsed communist riots will blow up in their faces.
  8. It Won’t happen in my town
  9. I'm gonna loot me a new Bravia :)
    Edit:. Gonna start the Upgrayedd autonomous zone too!
  10. I can guarantee you it won’t come to our Hamlet. It would be stopped by a combination of citizens and Law Enforcement Officers within the first 30 minutes if not sooner.
  11. The Democrats are now Communists.
  12. I don't live in town. If it were to come here I have a tractor and acreage
  13. Just plow a furrow and bury em.
  14. I told the wife I wanted to buy an mini excavator. This may be a good reason to
  15. Our protests are either downtown or at a midtown intersection here in Omaha. Our mayor and the police chief do as good of a job as can be expected to keep it contained and controlled. We did have a bar owner shoot a rioter dead. No charges have been filed against the bar owner which caused the BLM to head out to the County Attorneys house and protest but it was shut down fairly quickly I think.
  16. Protesters are trying to branch out and enter the suburbs, but are getting arrested more frequently and definitely finding out that stopping traffic in towns where people own their homes, own their vehicles, and own firearms can be dangerous.

    My area has three highways and three freeways. We also have more pickup trucks and firearms than you can count. My county as of last year had 16,252 concealed carry permits with a population of 235,099.



    The concealed carry numbers are much, MUCH higher today with the Chinese flu panic, lockdowns, etc., but assuming a mere 5% increase in concealed carry, that means 7.3% of the TOTAL population in my county has concealed carry.

    Also, the 235,099 population number includes 16% of the population (37,615) under age 18 and by definition not eligible for concealed carry. That leaves 197,484 eligible to conceal carry (less actually since the legal concealed carry age is 21, but whatever).

    So with a little over 17,000 concealed carry among 197,484 eligible to carry, that means that my county has about 8.6% of the eligible population with a concealed carry permit.

    So ****ing with the average citizen in my county yields about a 1 in 12 chance of encountering somebody with a concealed carry permit. And believe me when I write this - those with concealed carry permits are carrying.

    With a round in the chamber ... but that's another thread.
  18. No rioting out here in the country.

    They plan to take their revenge on us out here by voting and then enacting legislation solely aimed at punishing the deporables. No rioting needed.
  19. The amount of backwoods hostile territory they'd have to riot through to reach me out in the sticks is staggering.

    They'd never make it out here.
  20. You need to put out a fake Starbucks Sign. It draws them in, like leading the lambs to slaughter.
  21. Not sure what my stock of Black Rifle Coffee would do to that sign, but it wouldn't be pretty ....
  22. Ain't happening here. Residents will not tolerate that BS.
  23. I can see them trying simply because so many so-called conservative town counsels turned yellow and started pulling down historical monuments without even consulting with the people that they claim to represent. I live in an area that has voted GOP since Reagan but most of our county leaders are spineless country club republicans that look down their noses at Deplorables. I no longer have any confidence in them to do the right thing or stand against anything other than closing the golf course over the CCP Virus.
  24. It would be fun to watch though
  25. I live in New England, the ******* wonderland....I'm ****ed.

    I know **** is a naughty word, but ******* ? lol.
  26. Rioters would never succeed where i live. We`ve got some tough LEO`s, and WE back them here.
    Our LEO`s arent panzy a$$ed kneeling cowards. Rioters would get taken down, real quickly.

    Its best they stay away from my area. Things wont work out to well for them.
    Already had a few try some BS, minutes later, they got taken away.
    Havent seen anyone try anything since. Word must`a traveled.
  27. I’d add: They’d never make it - OUT OF HERE.

    They'd never make it out here.[/QUOTE]
  28. I went into town yesterday to get some things, and saw a pickup that had a huge Confederate flag hanging off the bed. I'm pretty confident that rioters wouldn't make it out of town, much less to my one-lane dead end street.
  29. We've had a grand total of 2 silly protestors out here where I live. They appeared under nourished, troubled and mentally ill. Not from some deadly flu pandemic. Nope. Seems they were acting out in some self hating manner regarding a thing about other people's skin color. Odd college types, I think.

    I mean, you'd think there had been a recent rash of KKK rallies or anti-black lynchings or some other bizarre occurrence in my area.

    Most normal people want to take off their ugly surgical masks, get back to work, shake hands and vote us back to normalcy in November.
  30. Do you your part to get rid of them... Call them out in council meetings, make others lose confidence in their ability to lead. Money can't always fix a bad rep and poor voting record.
  31. Small town in Tx that is very conservative. I doubt it would go well for Antifa
  32. Except it's not, in all likelihood coming to a town near me....

    I'm armed, and that's that
    No need to engage in masturbatory fantasies
  33. Wow, do you live across the road from me? Sounds exactly like where I live. A cross roads with one beer store here and if they try to burn that everyone for miles around would be ready to stomp their butt. Can't be driving all the way to town for beer and cigarettes.
  34. Yes, Antifa is evil but they aren’t completely stupid. They do this BS where they know they can get away with it.
  35. They'd torch the Walmart, we'd be sad

    I'd tell um to get a job........I'd probably yell it
  36. Que up "Country Boy Can Survive."

    And while you're at it - "Get Off My Lawn."
  37. They already been through Denver.......******* all
  38. Not much around me but homes and farms...... and people with guns, happy to defend each other's homes and farms.
  39. I live rural and we had our first dose of thuggery, BLM out of Cle blocked a state road intersection with motorcycles.

    Did their intimidation tactics on the poor souls who happened by. Left before deputies could get there.

    I got this second hand but I believe it was intense, no road warrior to the rescue.

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  42. Have been since they allowed the bern to run on their ticket instead of the perpetually losing socialist party.
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  44. We trust you guys to defend the beer store!:cheers:
  45. I live in small-town Tennessee, I don't have much to worry about. Plus we depend on tourist dollars to improve our way of life. Local government won't let BLM/Antifa commies **** with the money.

    They, meaning the commie scum, tried in Knoxville and Nashville, it didn't really work. I think Nashville P.D. was somewhat gentle but made arrests. They have a Dem mayor, I think.

    Knoxville was a different story. The mayor there is Glenn Jacobs (Kane from the WWE) and he's a pretty hardcore Libertarian masquerading as a Republican so he believes in peaceful protest but he ain't having this rioting bull****. The few videos I saw of the Knoxville police response to the small scale rioting that was just beginning were a thing of beauty. Police hitting people, protestors running, some loud explosions, police chasing them down. Then there were no more "peaceful protests". It's like Antifa felt unsafe. It's weird how that works...
  46. Shoot the armed ones first. Just big ol' targets.
  47. My town had a march. They walked several blocks, it was hot, they went home. Haven’t heard or seen anything, since then. Even trips to Wichita and other bigger metropolitans have been void the nonsense.



    If you're not a WWF/WWE fan, then you don't get it.