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Coming : 9mm Ammo Tests: The Shooter's Guide to Ammo Selection for the Browning H P"

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Stephen A. Camp, Dec 10, 2003.

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    Apr 15, 2000

    Almost ready to be printed, this is a layman's look at 12 different makes of "range ammo", including Winchester USA, Sellier & Bellot, Federal American Eagle, and others. 25 different high-performance loads are also evaluated. Included are RBCD 50-gr. Tactical, Remington 115-gr. JHP +P, loads from Corbon including PowRball, Federal 105-gr. EFMJ, Speer 124 and 147-gr. Gold Dots, and other expanding ammunition. Expansion results from firing into wet pack and water are provided as well. Case dimensions before and after firing are provided on select top end loads as well as results to check for set back when cycled 5 times from a fully loaded magazine.
    Browning factory 10 and 13-rnd magazines were used as well as a KRD 17-rnd and a Pro Mag 13-rnd. How various loads worked with these magazines is also discussed.

    A detailed description of each round's physical characteristics is provided and there are many pictures of ammunition discussed.


    There is a discussion of whether or not reloading might be in the reader's future as well as "anecdotal" reports on
    selected loads' performance in life-and-death scenarios and in the hunting field.

    Two Browning Mk III 9mm Hi Powers were used to provide average velocities, extreme spreads, and standard deviations. The book includes numerous photographs and tables as well and should be approximately 107 pages.

    Cost should be $17.95 plus $5 S&H.

    Hopefully, this will be of use to Hi Power fans.